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with Stephanie Bunce, independent journalist, UK
(May 2009, via email - Joshua, Atlanta; Stephanie, England)

Part I
(Editor's Note:  This is the first part of the interview that was conducted between Ms. Stephanie Bunce who represented Fate & Fortune Magazine located in the UK. The interview was done via email. You will have access via an Adobe Reader PDF file of what the final article looked like in the magazine but this two part report, gives you the full interview with all the questions asked and the answers which Joshua supplied. Also we are adding photos as appropriate to enhance the interview. We hope you enjoy the first part of the article as Ms. Bunce asked some very good questions about the crystal skulls. Also note, I wrote the answers to this interview before I began to work closely with Katrina and our crystal kids later in this year.)

Below are the "Original Questions" which Ms. Bunce sent to Joshua via email

1. You heard the call of the crystal skull in 1983, when you were in the presence of the Amethyst Skull. What was this strong connection that you felt? Were you holding the skull or touching it at the time?

2. This experience was the beginning of your life as a crystal skull explorer and changed your life forever. How exactly has it changed your life forever?

3. Our readers will want to understand exactly why crystal skulls mean so much to you. Please tell us?

4. So a crystal skull can be modern (like your Portal de Luz), it doesn’t have to have been made by an ancient civilisation? I think our readers would very much like a definition of what constitutes a crystal skull?

5. What exactly does crystal skull exploring entail?

6. Where have you been on your explorations?

7. You travelled to Peru in search of the Blue Skull after you had a vision of it. What other factors define where you go to explore?

8. Are you confident that you’ll find the Blue Skull some day, at the right time?

9. Apart from the Portal de Luz, how many other skulls do you have? Can you give me some details about them? Have you found them on your explorations and how? Have you found any in ruins (like Anna Mitchell-Hedges says she found her skull)

10. Regarding the abilities and powers of skulls, can you tell us about your first hand experiences of these powers?

11. I understand that you’ve held the Atlantean Crystal Ball this sounds fascinating. Tell us something about this, and what the experience meant for you.

12. Are you a believer in the theory that there are 12 crystal skulls which when brought together will facilitate world peace or do you hold with a different theory for the Golden Age? Can you explain to our readers just why the skulls are so important to achieving world peace?

13. What type of research is currently being carried out on crystal skulls and why is it so important?

14. What next for you in your explorations and work in general surrounding crystal skulls?


Question: You heard the call of the crystal skull in 1983, when you were in the presence of the Amethyst Skull. What was this strong connection that you felt? Were you holding the skull or touching it at the time?

Joshua:  First a description of the situation and how this contact with the ancient Amethyst Crystal Skull known as "Ami", came to pass - the background information

Definition - Crystal Skulls - a crystal skull, as defined by the gentlemen being interviewed is a human size and shaped skull, made from various types of quartz crystals.  There are three categories of crystal skulls discussed in the crystal skull community

New or Comtemporary - made by modern carvers today using predominately diamond tip tools (saws and drills) - the best carvers are considered to be in Brazil and China.

Old - a crystal skull that was created or manufactured over 100 years ago but less then 1000 to 2000 years ago (this definition varies)

Ancient - a crystal skull create from 1000-2000 years ago till whenever (thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years or more then a million) - we have no way to verify how long ago a crystal skull was formed from a purely scientific way.

Ami, is an 8 lb skull (11 lbs is considered human size) made from amethyst quartz crystal that was uncovered in Mexico or Central America, linked to an ancient meso-american ruin -- that was once in the care of a Mayan Priest in Mexico but who gave the skull as a collateral for a loan of a group of businessmen based out of San Jose, California, USA - and due to the default of the loan this group of businessmen has the skull and is trying to sell it for one million or more dollars.

History related to the interviewee of this article - in April of 1983, Joshua was traveling throughout California on faith - he was saying with a good friend in San Jose, California when he went to visit the Ram Metaphysical Bookstore, across the street from the Rosicrucian Park - little did he know on this day, his life would forever be changed.

The owner of the Ram Metaphysical Bookstore, Francoise Beaudoin, had met Joshua before at some local conferences and they were on very friendly terms.  Joshua felt (speaking paranormally and with regard for an absolute belief in reincarnation) that Francoise had been his mother in a past life and he treated her with this distinction and respect.  And Francoise, who was also an Aries like Joshua (Joshua's birthday, April 17th) - which is why her store was called the Ram, her real son had the same birthday as Joshua (but he had passed away).

So Joshua on that day in April of 1983, was only going to visit his friend Francoise in her store and see if perhaps she might want some additional copy of his first book called, "Journeys of an Aquarian Age Networker", but little did he know what would befell him and change his life forever.

Joshua: - It was good to see Francoise again - we always had a nice time sharing our personal stories - but on this fated day in April of 1983, I failed to realize that destiny was waiting for me.  After getting out the pleasantries, Francoise showed to me a picture of a special artifact she had just seen - that was in this area - it was a photo of
an Amethyst Crystal Skull.

Now up to this point of time - publicly known in the world were three large crystal skulls:

a) The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull discovered in Belize in 1924, hidden within a pyramid of a Mayan City called Luubantuun – this crystal skull was two pieces, the lower jaw separate from the top part - an exact duplicate of our own human skull – perfect in every detail, clear quartz and human sized 11.8 lbs.

b) The British Museum Crystal Skull - a one piece clear quartz skull found by a Soldier of Fortune in Mexico in the 1860's (probably robbed by peasants from local meso-american tombs) - that eventually comes through Tiffany's, a New York jeweler to the British Museum in 1897 for 120 pounds and is put on public display in 1898.  This crystal skull is on display in the British Museum in London today and the museum believes it is a fake, possibly made by advanced carvers in the 1800s.  This crystal skull is slightly larger then human size and has a much more primitive facial features compared to the Mitchell-Hedges Skull.

c) The Paris Crystal Skull - a clear quartz skull, small skull less then 6 lbs in height - with a hole cut from the top part of the skull to its base - it was likewise discovered by a soldier of fortune in Mexico and eventually was a gift to the Museum of Man by a Mr. Pinart in 1878.  Within the past few years, this crystal skull has been transferred to the Musee du Quay Branley, near the Eiffel Tower and sometimes is on public display.

All three of the relatively known crystal skulls were made from clear quartz crystal.  But this crystal skull, i saw in 1983 was from amethyst.  During this time I had a chance to get to meet F. R. 'Nick' Nocerino, who is considered to be the foremost experts about the crystal skulls, having seen his first ancient skull in 1944 in France.  So Mr. Nocerino knew of quite a few other very old crystal skulls and also had a chance to view this Amethyst skull.

Question: You heard the call of the crystal skull in 1983, when you were in the presence of the Amethyst Skull. What was this strong connection that you felt? Were you holding the skull or touching it at the time?

Joshua: So I was just minding my business going into Francoise store, just for a visit and maybe to sell some copies of my first book when all of a sudden she showed me a picture of the Amethyst Skull.

As I was gazing at this photo (just the photo mind you) I felt a tremendous shaking of energy inside of my body.  I had never experienced something like this before -- it was like having an inner earthquake happened inside of me.

Then I heard in my own thinking voice (but I wasn't thinking this) the expressions, "what is this doing out now?" - did this mean on some conscious level - I knew about this crystal skull before - or could it be a past life memory?

So I was kind of puzzled what was happening to me in this moment when about 1/2 hour later, there was a real earthquake that happened about 150 miles south of San Jose and the table which the picture was  sitting on about the amethyst skull started to shake violently.

So I believe on this day, besides having an inner and outer earthquake, a jolt to my system -- as it were - I became aware that there is a special important to the crystal skulls and essentially I made a decision on this day to dedicated my life to helping other people to understand and know more about the crystal skulls - I sensed during these experiences that the crystal skulls were vital for the future of humanity.

We never know in our life, when we come to a special moment, when we are going to make a personal decision that will affect our life for that moment forward.  This was one of those moments for me.

But my experience with the amethyst crystal skull did not end here, just with its photograph as I would have been happy if this is all that occurred but apparently the universe has another destiny for me.

About two weeks later, I heard there was a young man in town who was quite wealthy.  He heard about the amethyst crystal skull and wanted to view it to determine if he might wish to buy the skull.  At this time, the skull was in a vault in an art gallery in San Jose, and the men who had it wanted to sell it.  Since I knew Francoise, I was invited to come along.

Well I thought to myself, if just the picture can provide a strong energy and experience, I wound what will happen to me when I see the darn thing. So I was very excited to go and see how I would respond to this artifact.

I recall, we were sitting around a large table, and the owner of the art gallery brought out the skull being held in a kind of special box.  He put the crystal skull on the table for all of us to view and then eventually we were each allowed to touch it.

I put my right hand on the top of the skull and I felt a force or energy travel all the way from my hand through my arm and finally felt an energy stop above my right shoulder - it seems as if there was a duplicate form or image of the amethyst skull floating over my right shoulder and even till this day I can clearly see this image in my mind.

I remember another time shortly after the visit with the Amethyst Skull, I felt as if it was put over my own bone skull and when this happened it was like a telepathic bond created with the skull to receive the knowledge and wisdom that is stored within into one own head.

Anyway, I was given one photo of the Amethyst Crystal Skull by Francoise, which I would show others when i did my traveling journeys on faith at this time.  I didn't expect I would be doing anything else with a crystal skull. I was just grateful to have the chance to meet one of the ancient skulls and saw that it possessed a very strong energy field around it which could help people in very beneficial ways such as for healing, developing ones spiritual gift or creative gifts, profound dreams - or be a catalyst for new changes in one life.

I just didn't know this was only the beginning - and the next step came when I returned in 1985 to California and met the co-authors of our first book, "Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed", that being Sandra Bowen and her teacher, F. R. "Nick" Nocerinco (deceased 2004).

Question: This experience was the beginning of your life as a crystal skull explorer and changed your life forever. How exactly has it changed your life forever

Joshua: First let me explain what the term a "Crystal Skull Explorer" means to me ...

Definition: Why a Crystal Skull Explorer? - as I started to learn more about the crystal skulls working with Sandra and Nick, I became more and more convinced the crystal skulls are tools of the ancient returning to help our world create planetary peace.  This to me was the main and most important messages that the crystal skulls were giving people.  But up to 1985, I just felt lucky to meet one and thought nothing else would happen with the skulls again.

But then while I was sharing some information in Berkeley, Calfornia, in March of 1985,
linked to the Billy Meiers UFO case in Switzerland, a friend in San Diego had made me
a copy of the UFO film Mr. Meiers took of Pleiadian spacecraft around his farm, I met
Sandra in the audience who mentioned the crystal skulls in our public dialogue.  So I
called her away from the others and we became life partners for 3 years, working with
Mr. Nocerino to offer public talks and eventually in 1989, our joint book was released.

But I was seeking some type of title to express the type of work that I was doing with the crystal skulls.  People always want to give a label of an expert of someone who has given many years of their life to study a subject.  But I believe that every person is an expert in their own right and that when we depend on a few people to provide us to the answers of the day, we are giving away a lot.  Being born an Aries, I am a natural born explorer - I always am fascinated by new activities or studies and I am not afraid to just give up everything to go on a new quest.  Plus the work of an explorer is to find the best information you can on the subject or your study and then report back to the public.  It is not your job to provide answers per say, but by offering the best information you can uncover, allow people to decide for themselves which part of this information might be important for them.

From the 1980's till now, in 2009 - our perception about the crystal skulls continues to change over time.  Where once we thought there might only be a very few human sized ancient skulls, more and more crystal skulls are appearing each year.  Mexico for example, continued to be a goldmine of crystal skulls - in March of 2009 I visited Mexico City for the first time and saw five more of what I would consider to be at least "old" crystal skulls that had come out of the ground or were linked to ancient ruins.

So besides having the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world, for further explorations or a chance to offer public talks - each time I have a chance to meet a new crystal skull - which has a very unique energy linked to it (possibly from the ceremonies conducted by the people who guarded this skull for thousands of year or simply all the human events and activities which the crystal recorded - as this is a service quartz
crystal do - they can record the frequencies of all the energies around them) - its unique energy changes the person I am.

For example, I remember in March of 2008, I was granted an opportunity to spend private time (for the 1st time in all these years) with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love (the skull's name was changed when Bill Homann became the guardian upon Anna Mitchell-Hedges death).  This was in Bill's home.  I had done a special preparation for this experience - I had my three personal crystal skulls with me (Portal de Luz, 10 lb smoky quartz; Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye 2 lb smoky quartz; Little Indiana Princess - 1 lb rose quartz) and also an MP3 player.  I haven't mentioned yet, but I am a musician of sorts.  I have played the guitar since i was about 10 or 12 years old and I would just spontaneously pay and I would hear songs - I have written a few songs on the guitar which I do perform during my public talk from time to time.  I have no idea where the music comes from I hear but I hear it inside of me.  I can only assume I was a musician

in other lifetimes - and I have uncovered two lifetimes linked to a well known musician and I am sure I was a roving minstrel in England.

Anyway, when I meditate with my personal crystal skulls (at the time of this interview there are now five, two small amethyst skulls have come into my possession) or who I call my "crystal kids" - with music, I have some of the most powerful meditations I have ever had in my life.  I connect to some inner part of my being that is filled with joy and happiness - which I believe exists in each of us - if we but could find our own way to connect.

Anyway going back to March of 2008, in Indiana - there was the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull in front of me, and it was my turn to do a meditation.  So I placed my large skull, "Portal de Luz" (Portal of Light) face to face with the Skull of Love and I put Geronimo and Indiana Princess behind the Skull of Love in a triangle.  And then I went into an altered stated and found the precise songs on my MP3 player to listen to throughout the meditation -- I didn't know what would happen to me I just trusted it would be perfect.

Well many times, when you have a chance to meditate or work with a crystal skull you feel as if you are in touch with a living consciousness - a living being that knows who you are and why you have come for this experience.  But in this case, I had a contact with some type of universal consciousness - it was a single being, it wasn't a group of being - it was like a pure consciousness, a consciousness of life.  It knew all about me and I felt very calm and peaceful just sitting there (I was sitting on the floor in front of a small coffee table where the Skulls were lying upon.)  I could have sat there in this space for a very long time and not get bored at all - it was amazing and beautiful.  But of course I knew I had to end this experience, as my friend Indy who came with me that day and Bill were starting to get hungry.  But a side effect of this encounter, maybe it lasted for 20 minutes (there was no time present) is the Skull of Love really helped me to activate more and open my heart chakra.  For men, this is no easy feat - my fellow brothers, were we not taught early in life that it is weakness for a man to have and experience his heart.  But the Mitchell-Hedges Skull was showing me that we can never truly love and enjoy life if our hearts are closed as we prevent ourselves from being who we truly are.  And in truth, all of creation is an act by Creator (He/She) which allows creation to occur - it is through God's love.

So to summarize, the more contact I have with these crystalline friends, it seems they are helping me to discover who I really am inside - my full potential and helping me to link more fully with creator inside, the divine infinity.

Thus you can imagine why I am so enthusiastic and excited to work hard on every project I can imagine and think of, to include these beautiful crystal friends as they awaken more and more people they touch through personal contact with them.

Question: Our readers will want to understand exactly why crystal skulls mean so much to you. Please tell us?

Why do the crystal skulls mean so much to me?

They are the ancient computers, which have stored special and important wisdom and
knowledge that we can access to help us create a peaceful world -- They are perfect mirrors - that when you sit across from one (a crystal skull that has been awakened and activated whether it is a newly made crystal skull by modern carvers or a very ancient one made by advanced civilizations in the far past) -- they will reflect back to you the true essence who you are - what creative or spiritual gifts and skills you have - the perfect person you are inside, a divine child of god

They are your friends - seeking ways to help you with challenges in life – perhaps by meditation with a crystal skull, an answer can come up for a difficult problem in your life or they can help you see what lies ahead for you in the future.

The crystal skulls have helped to create a special energy field for me while I am writing a new book or composing a new song that makes it easier to write the book or the song.

The crystal skulls (“kids”) are my partners for the private sessions that we offer (I have done more then a 1000 of these since 1999) where the “kids” offer special energies to our clients or may share telepathic insights and information with them while I working on the intuitive reading - sometimes I do receive some messages from the “kids” for the clients to offer positive advice or a suggestion of some life new activities or exercises that can bring more peace in the client’s life. – (Note: A private session is where I am able to sit with a client in a closed room at a table with the “crystal kids” are lying upon and facing the client – the client selects intuitively one of the “kids” to hold during their session in their lap, we begin with a meditation with music, then I share some messages I hear or what energy I feel in the clients body and chakra and answer questions)

Truly they are my kids - I have to take care of them and make sure they are able to be with the people they wish to meet -- and the kids go with me everywhere when we take our exciting adventures around the world.

(Note to Stephanie: - the question below was bypassed but I think it should be answered here as I have already given the definition above of what a crystal skull is)

Question: So a crystal skull can be modern (like your Portal de Luz), it doesn’t have to have been made by an ancient civilisation?

  All crystal skulls, whether they are made by modern carver like “Portal de Luz”, or if they were an ancient skull created in some way we do not fully understand by a civilization that existed far ago, all quartz crystal skulls are made from the same material, quartz crystal.  And for quartz crystal to come into existence, takes hundreds of thousands of years of the right temperature and pressure and conditions in the ground for this to happen. 

Every crystal skull has its own unique purpose and service that it performs to help the people it has contact with.  So while the more ancient crystal skulls may have what appears to be more intense or stronger energies, these crystal skulls may not be appropriate for everyone to see and have contact with, as their frequency of energy could be too high or overload some people.  This is why, the newly made crystal skull are also important as they can help many people become accustomed to be around the energy linked to the crystal skulls as a whole group.  Plus as far as we know maybe at most, in this moment, we only know about 15-20 crystal skulls that could be ancient and not all of these skulls are with individuals who feel inspired to travel the world and allow people to have direct contact with them.  So all crystal skulls have a role to play and the newly made skulls are as special a tool for personal growth and awakening of one’s inner awareness as the much older skulls.  We can not fully comprehend the magnitude of what the crystal skulls are truly about without studying all the three different types.

Question: What exactly does crystal skull exploring entail or what does a Crystal Skull Explorer do?

Joshua: I think the best way to define what being a crystal skull explorer is about is to discuss the type of days I have, when I am doing this very important personal work for the planet with these crystal friends:

The day of a crystal skull explorer - every day there are always emails to answers -- either a person wants to know how to buy a crystal skull or if they are a crystal skull guardian, suggestions how to bring their crystal skull to life.  So people will write to us to ask where they can see a crystal skull in person or they might decide to invite us to their local area to do a weekend event.

Sometime we hear from people who have old skulls - who are unsure what they have and they will send us picture - if it is possible to visit these individuals to see the skulls, we try to arrange this as well.

We also are working on creating public event - to try to bring many crystal skulls together.  I worked to offer an International Festival in Holland and Hungary which of course we had many friends support this or it just was not possible to do (Holland 2006, Hungary 2007).

We are working on a new documentary - one done by the supervision of people who are real life crystal skull teacher, researchers and guardians.  I did participate in two documentaries as a consultant but I was a bit disappointed by the important information that was left out that would have really helped to give the people a most wonderful understanding of these crystal friends

We also have our World Mystery Research Center, to perform scientific and paranormal
research on a number of different world mysteries including the crystal skulls, UFOs,
prophecy, crop circles and the bible code.  We believe that inherit within these mysteries is key knowledge that will one day help humanity move into a Golden Age - who knows perhaps by the end of 2012.  (Editor's Note - We had to release the World Mystery Research Center in 2012 due to lack of support and resources ... )

And of course we continue to setup many public events (lectures - workshops - media appearances - private crystal skull sessions) to help educate the public and also provide their own direct contact with a crystal skull there is no single day that goes by that there isn't some type of activity linked to the crystal skulls going on

Question: Where have you been on your explorations?

Joshua: In order to do any exploration of some mystery in life, the way you would really like to, it requires financial resources and although I am very proud of all the places I have been able to travel without a large amount of such finances - it means that the research we have been able to conduct has been limited to a few days and that we are unable to stay the time needed to do a thorough job of research for each project.

But here is some of the interesting journeys I have taken:

Peru - looking for a blue skull high up in the Andes mountains of Northern Peru
(1997, 1999, 2002)

Mexico - in March of this year, had a chance to see five old crystal skulls that have been unearthed from the ground that have not been shown publicly very much

England - Research of the effect of a crystal skull on the energies within a Crop Circle

US & Europe - testing a number of individuals using various electronic devices to measure the energetic effect of a crystal skull upon a person (2000-2008) - such devices as a Meridian Stress Test System, Krilian Camera, Lechers Antenna, Brain Waves ...

Secret Codes held within the Crystal Skulls - Reverse Image technology that shows hidden images and pictures that are stored within a photograph of a crystal skull - information stored in the controversial Bible Code that discusses Crystal Skulls

These are just a few examples of the most interesting journeys we have taken
or the research tests we have conducted to better understand how the crystal skulls function and why they have a special affect upon people.

In other words, if there is some new activity or artifact (a crystal skull for example) that surfaces which is highly interesting or we are able to conduct some type of new scientific experiments to understand these activities or artifacts, if there is a way we can go and do such explorations (and we will attempt every possible method to make this happen) then we are out the door!!

Question: You travelled to Peru in search of the Blue Skull after you had a vision of it. What other factors define where you go to explore?

When it is time to make a journey to search for or meet a new crystal skull, the way this happens is very simple. The possibility to do so, just happens - all the doors needed to make this trip open and then we are able to go.

For example, a member of our Crystal Skull Explorers’ newsletter contacted me by email that  Dr. Brown’s Atlantean Crystal Ball (now being called an Atlantean Orb) would be on display the 2nd weekend of April this year at a center in Key West, Florida.  We had about maybe a week to prepare for this trip but we decided it was too important and to close to Atlanta to not to go. 

For those readers who are not familiar with Dr. Brown's Crystal Ball, briefly he was a member of Jacque Cousteau diving team and in 1968 on the way back from a dive off South America, a terrible storm stranded them near Bimini.  Well after a storm passes, it sometimes makes it easier to view the seabed so Dr. Brown decided to take a look underwater and he came upon a brilliantly white lighted pyramid. He entered the pyramid and came to a council chamber where sitting on a table held by gold hands was a crystal ball.  A voice told him to take the ball and never come back.  Dr. Brown felt this was an Atlantean Pyramid and this ball had strong energy and power. 

Anyway, so this chance came up to view and meet the ball so I traveled to Key West with a friend.  It was a long drive from Atlanta to Key West but we made it.  I thought I would only be able to see the ball, but the current guardian, who's name is Arthur, for some reason allowed me to hold the ball for 5-10 minutes. Having worked with crystal skulls before, it was interesting for me to see how the energy of the ball worked with a person. I noticed the ball’s energy was very different from any crystal skull that I have had a chance to hold or work with. The ball felt as if it was programmed by a higher intelligence which knew immediately what to do with the individual based on that person's vibrational frequency or their personal energy field.  I still feel the essence of the ball sitting in my right hand, the palm of my hand and I was able to put all my crystal skulls in the water, that held the ball during a group session (they were not allowed to be out so that the energies didn't interfer with each other) - so they also in a way received some energies from the ball or the orb.

So as you can see, things just come up for me - I get a strong pull to do something and somehow, don't ask me how, I find a way to make the trip or journey happen.

Related to the Blue Crystal Skull that I have been searching for in Peru, here is my story what happened to me when I went to Peru the first time to see if such a crystal skull really existed.

In 1997, I was working for a mobile phone company. In 1990, I went to Peru with my second ex-wife, Vera Lopez, and during a breakfast we had in a hotel in Lima, I have had a vision of a sky blue transparent crystal skull similar to the Mitchell-Hedges Skull with two pieces including a movable lower jaw.  So for seven years, I would see in my mind’s eye an image of this Blue Crystal Skull. Well the intensity around this blue skull got so strong in 1997, that I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to go back to Peru to look for it and try to find it.  How many people do you know would quit a good paying job (so they can stay however long is needed in Peru) and go on a trek without knowing exactly what you are doing or where you are going?  And that all you could rely upon is your intuition?

Well this exactly how the first trip to Peru happened. And even, as I was traveling around various parts of the country, especially in certain areas that tourist do not travel that often - I wasn't sure if I would find the locations or places I was meant to go.  There was no question that there was an invisible force watching over me and guiding me during this trip.

But eventually, traveling with a local guide, I arrived at a sacred lagoon high up in the Andes Mountains, not far from the border with Ecuador and I had two spiritual visions of the blue skull when I was there -- but even till this date, 12 years later after that historic trip, there has not been a physical sighting of this blue skull yet.  But I did have a vision of this crystal skull twice and I received from some invisible and telepathic source information about the history of this crystal skull while I was in mountain. The complete story of this trip is shared in our new book, "Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers" which hopefully near the time of the release of this article, a printed version of this book will be available in English. Thus far, our book has come out in Dutch, Hungarian and Polish so far and we are hopeful to get a Czech and Spanish publisher too.

So life dictates where the next trips will be - and then somehow we figure out how to deal with the finances or someone just helps us out.  This is the only way to answer your question. But a good crystal skull explorer must be ready for a new adventure at any time and at any moment!!

Question: Are you confident that you’ll find the Blue Skull some day, at the right time?

Joshua: Yes I am very confident that this crystal skull will appear one day - I still see it in my mind's eye floating in front of me off to my left side – above the level of my head.

Of course, many people do not believe something is real unless they are able to physically touch it and see it with their own eyes. But I believe the Blue Skull definitely is real – I have regular telepathic communication with it all the time.  And I sense that the blue skull exists for now in a different vibrational plane (i.e. – not in the third dimensional existence or physical level we know) and this is why a person can only be aware of its presence if you use your own spiritual or inner gifts.  I believe that there are other crystal skulls like this Blue Skull and each is a living being onto themselves - they are not just a piece of stone that has been exclusively carved or shaped into a human bone skull. The Blue Skull has communicated to a few other people I have met over time, sometimes through some of the existing ancient crystal skulls that I have traveled with or the conscious of this skull spoke to the people telepathically and directly as well.

Question: Apart from the Portal de Luz, how many other skulls do you have? Can you give me some details about them? Have you found them on your explorations and how? Have you found any in ruins (like Anna Mitchell-Hedges says she found her skull)?

All of the crystal skulls I currently have are modern made. Four I received as gifts from dear friends and one I traded some copies of my first crystal skull book to basically pay for “her”.  They are all modern created crystal skulls but don't let this fool you.  Every crystal skull, whether new, old or ancient is made from the same material quartz crystal.  It has taken perhaps hundred of thousands or millions of years for quartz to grow in the ground.  Yes that is correct, quartz grows which is a definition of life. 

Here is a better summary of the five “crystal kids” that I have at this time:

"Portal de Luz" - made in 1998, by a master Brazilian carver, the smoky quartz, also was mined near where the carver lived.  This crystal skull came to Joe and Marylee Swanson from a contact of the carver in Brazil, they live in Colorado and at a special crystal conference in Sedona, Arizona, in April of 1999, run by Dr. Chet Snow, which featured a variety of speakers about crystal skulls, including myself, this is where I met Portal de Luz. Joe and Marylee had him, Vera Lopez, my second wife at the time, decided to buy him for me as a gift.  Portal is a jack of all trades kind of skull - he has been on national tv several times (he is pretty photogenic) - he has set in all the private sessions we have done for people since 1999, he seems to be involved in gathering higher knowledge and wisdom - he likes music and dances with Joshua during his talks and he helps people to find their focus in life.

Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye is the Native American skull in this group.  I never knew
why I had to call him Geronimo but this is what I felt the first week after he had been gifted Geronimo to me by a friend who helped me with the skull's full name.  An Eagle is my spirit animal which represents the freedom of flight which suits me very well.  However, when I visited a Native American Indian Chief from the tribe called the Ahniyvwiya (people know them as the Cherokee but this is their true name in their native language, it means The People) and Geronimo slept with their chief, Grandfather Paul, his energy and physical appearance totally changed – he became initiated into the energy of this tribe and Geronimo also saids he has a connection with the Star Ancestors of the tribe.

Heavenly Mother (Pacha Mama) is a true loving skull made from rose quartz that was also a gift from the same friend as Geronimo who helped to activate and awakened this little crystal friend which seems to beam a pink ray light of love for the heart chakra. This skull took on its current name (was re-named) while we (Katrina and Joshua) to Salt Lake City in 2011 for a special conference (which helped us to receive our human sized rose quartz skull with a movable jaw Rosalita) that Joshua spoke at which was co-sponsored by a wonderful woman who is a spiritual healer and shaman from Peru.

The King - The One Who Points the Way - is a 1 lb amethyst star being skull who looks a bit like a Gray alien -- this type of skull is being carved by a special carver in China who they will not reveal his identity.  This crystal skull was activated while meditating with him in my left hand while I was visiting a friend in Los Angeles - there were several purple rays of light that came down from the air and surrounded the skull and my arm. He is about helping to show a person the direction they must take in their life but seems to have an ET or Galactic position that he comes from.

Purple Starbright or Zippy One-Eye - is a two lb amethyst skull – ‘she’ came from a friend who sells crystal skulls in his store in Chicago. The carver is unknown as well as where the amethyst comes from but this was the first amethyst skull to join the kids - she has a more feminine presence. Purple Starbright was the name given by Blue Arrow Rainbow Eagle Woman and Zippy One-Eye came to Joshua - One-Eye was given because it seemed that one eye on the skull is open and the other eye is closed and Zippy was requested by the skull to complete her name.

I do not have any ancient crystal skulls - I believe that a person can have just as amazing and fantastic experiences and adventures with the new skulls as well as the older ones.  As a matter of fact even is someone would offer to trade me an ancient skull for any or all of my kids, I would have to say no.  We have created a very special bond amongst ourselves, our energy flows together very wonderfully indeed and there are no other skulls on the world I feel that could create such a feeling or relationship as we have.  So I guess one just has to be open which crystal skull or skulls comes into your life – you just never know.

It has not been my luck as of yet to find some unexplored ancient ruins - again to do such a trip really requires the proper resources but upon visiting known sites - there has been information received or contact made with other intelligences that are not on the physical that has offered insides into man's past and his origins.

My role seems more to collect and gather all kinds of information related to understanding the crystal skulls rather then be a person who is discovering new skulls - the only one that I ever actively searched for was the Blue Skull in Peru but I believe this was due to the fact I have known this skull in other lifetimes and that since it is a living being onto itself, it was calling to me.

(Editor's note - the next and final part of this interview will be continued in Part II, which in a few days we will send an email to let you know how you can read it - thank you!!)


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