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with Stephanie Bunce, independent journalist, UK
(May 2009, via email - Joshua, Atlanta; Stephanie, England)

Part II

(Editor's Note:  This is the final part of the interview that was conducted between Ms. Bunce and Joshua via email around May of 2009 for Fate & Fortune Magazine.  Again we are providing for this final part of the interview other photos that are connected to the information being share.  We hope you enjoy the remainder of the article as once again Ms. Bunce brought up some good questions about the crystal skulls.)

Joshua doing an interview for a local cable show near the Chicago area, fall 2008

Question: The abilities and powers of the skulls - what experiences have you had with these powers?
Joshua: Once again, to answer this very good question let me offer a definition first ...
Definition: Do the Crystal Skulls have some type of energy field around them or an intelligence? This question will provide the background to explain what these abilities or powers are ...

First let us examine the material from which the crystal skulls are made from, quartz crystals.
Quartz right now is used in all of our modern electronics because of the piezoelectric effect - which creates a voltage of electricity across a piece of quartz when subjected to an electro-magentic force.  So with a little current running through a piece of quartz crystal it can power a huge piece of equipment and if the quartz is made synthetically (meaning using a seed crystal and growing the rest of the quartz around the seed crystal) then the electrical flow is balanced and steady.

Marcel Vogel, who was a scientist that worked with IBM, after he retired he created all types of quartz devices to enhance a person's physical condition. He claimed that the bones in our body have a direct affinity with the vibrational frequency of quartz.  Since we have bones in our entire body, when a person holds a piece of quartz in their hand, it can enhance and energize their entire body. Quartz can also be used to protect one from negative energies (people's emotions and thoughts as well as detrimental electrical or electro-magnetic frequencies emanated by our devices and electronic equipment).

So essentially quartz crystal is like a transmitter and a receiver of various vibrational frequencies or it becomes like a dimensional portal that allows us to work with or store these frequencies of energy.  But when it is put into the shape of a human bone skull, it has been my experience that this piece of quartz has extended abilities and powers. 

Let’s consider this question : Is there a particular reason why humans have the shape of the bone skull we do?. Did this just happen by accident or random chance or is there a higher intelligence whom was behind its design?  As a spiritual person, I believe that for every object or living being that exists in our known physical reality there is a reason why every object or being has its shape and form.  For example, when you are speaking to another person, do you look at their big toe or leg while you are talking with them or do you look at their head. Their head of course.  Why, because we believe the essence and intelligence of that person is located in their head working through their brain plus all our channels of communication (speaking, seeing or hearing) also reside within the head.

But also I am absolutely convinced that the shape of our bone skull is very important because its shape allows us as sentient beings to be receptive to cosmic knowledge and wisdom - which then filters down through our sub-consciousness to eventually arrive in our waking consciousness. 
Have you ever wondered about how you knew something intuitively which was a fact based upon information that you were never taught before in school or read in a book about?  This has to do, I believe with consciousness and somehow the shape of the human bone skull is a receiver of this consciousness.

Ok, now let's return to the substance of the skulls, quartz crystals. The inherent property of quartz being able to be a dimensional door or portal and working with various frequencies of energies, gives to every crystal skull the potential for it to become an awakened crystal.  As the human guardian works intimately with their crystal skull or skulls, this interaction, over times activates the crystal.  Once the quartz is opened it will begin to emanate specific and unique frequencies which will also be related to a strong degree to what type of individual the guardian of the skull is and his/her personality.  Also being in the shape of a human-bone skull means that the skull has the potential to duplicate to a certain degree the same abilities as humans have to receive information, to store knowledge and to share information with others.  However, a great deal of the information stored within a crystal skull seems to be more of a telepathic or energetic nature – thus people who commune with a crystal skull can see inner visions or the skull can enhance their state of mind or the energy level of a person who has direct contact with it.

But related to the new crystal skulls being made today, just because a piece of quartz crystal is carved into the shape of a human skull does not necessarily guarantee that they all will have these special abilities and power as we find with the very old crystal skulls.  It is like when a new skull is created by a carver, it has the potential to do great things but it still depends on the skull's guardian or caretaker, how they work with the crystal skull and bring it to life.  I believe that there are many people who have had former or past lifetimes working directly with the crystal skulls.  That from these lifetimes, on the soul level, is encoded in the person's DNA light programs which when such a person has direct contact with a crystal skull, their unique frequencies and energies of their being immediately open up and activate the quartz of which this crystal skull is comprised from.

Above we see the crystal skull "Portal de Luz" having an interaction with the Sunlight
or is it colored "Orbs" that are reacting to the Skull's Energy?  Could this be some
type of proof of a form of intelligence that inhabits or works through crystal skulls?

However, serious crystal skull researchers are unclear exactly what is the presence or the intelligence that appears to be working through the crystal skulls that animates them and give them these special abilities.  Could it be some type of spirits whom are doing this – are they the intelligences whom are speaking to people through the skulls?  Perhaps, these spirit resonate to the guardians of the skulls and the unique vibration for which their crystal skull or skulls resonate.  Or could these intelligences be programmed artificial beings - like what we know today as artificial intelligences with our modern-day computers?  That possibly, these artificial beings were setup by very advanced races in the far past and now our modern technologies are reactivating these programs?

Or could these intelligences be linked to some form of extra-terrestrials who are functioning through the crystal skulls? As we as modern researchers have speculated long and hard that due to advance and complex nature of some of the ancient skulls we have discovered that there could be a UFO – Crystal Skull link in their creation as if they were gifts of the Gods.  Or could even, some of the crystal skulls be a physical manifestation of what some of the ETs actually look like?

We are unable to physically see or detect what is the actual source that generates this electro-magnetic energy that surrounds the crystal skulls. Also we have noted that the crystal skulls do not always remain in an ON mode, they can be in a dormant state at times too ... that is, until a person comes nearby or begins to work with one.

Another part of this current question we could inquire is: What type of experiences do people have with the crystal skulls?

- is the most common activity which seemingly occurs around the crystal skulls. People have come to visit with a crystal skull with the hope of reversing various physical problems or illnesses.  There are quite a number of people who after traveling to see an ancient crystal skull had their physical or emotional problems literally just vanished. So the idea that we are presented by the crystal skulls is that any dis-ease is just a blockage or breakage in the living energy of a person which when a person is exposed to the right healing tool, such as a crystal skull, that these tools have the power to rebuild these energetic bonds which will magically repair any psychical problems in the body.

The Crystal Skulls seem to function like mini-energy vortexes.  The skulls are able to transfer to the people around them strong energy fields which enhance a person health, mental clarity, emotional clarity or ability to work with ones spiritual gifts more effectively.  Or, they can act as a dimensional door which more easily allows contact with our spiritual guides and friends.  We find similar energy vortexes (but of course much larger) in special locations on the earth such as Sedona, Arizona or Mt. Shasta in California, Stonehenge or Avebury in the southwest of England. Or what about Egypt (the Great Pyramid or the Sphnix) or Peru (Machu Picchu, Temples of Cusco, Lake Titicaca)?

Another effect that the crystal skulls can have upon people is to take an individual into an altered state of consciousness while they remain in the presence of a crystal skull. We hear reports from such individuals who claim to see visions of other worlds or spiritual beings, actually travel to other places, not only traveling through space but time and have a full recall of what they saw and experienced during these astral or dimensional trips.

On a personal note, the meeting I discussed before with the "Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love" where I experienced a bit of Heaven was pretty darn amazing. The vision of the Blue Crystal Skull appearing to me when I was high up in the Andes Mountains in Peru and hearing what could be its history is quite unforgettable.  Even just having the chance to work with our own “crystal kids” during our wondrous meditations we have with music (or the world peace meditations we are doing from 2009-2011) - or to meditate with them to obtain more clarity about some situation in life is quite wondrous.  I also really enjoy our private sessions with the people as I never know exactly will happen during the session or what phenomena will we observe that takes place with our clients.  Sometimes we (the kids and I) come up with some very creative solutions how to help a person to release and move past a strong block in their life which then, they become like a totally new person who begins to open doors for others they meet during their own life path.

I guess the only way to summarize what happens around the crystal skulls is they act as a dimensional door between our physical world and spirit to bring forward new thoughts, new ideas, new energies and healing to the people who make contact with them while at the same time activating the inner being inside of us.

So this is why I love this journey - you just never know what will happen next - and with each place we travel we always meet people who have a strong inner connection with us and the crystal skulls - like we have known these people forever - that they are part of our soul family.

Is there something else you would like to share about the Atlantean Crystal Ball that was discovered by Dr. Brown in 1968?

Joshua: For me, it felt like the meeting I had with the Atlantean Crystal Ball was a chance to make contact with a part of myself. By this I mean, I recognized that I have had at least one lifetime (probably several) in Atlantis and when you have an opportunity to physically make contact with an ancient object that was linked to a former lifetime, it helps to bring other aspects of yourself which are hidden to come out more forward.  I could feel when I was near the ball and then subsequently while I held it, that it was altering and shifting inner levels of my energy body – not my physical body. It seems that my telepathy and inner channels to communicate more clearly with spirit and other dimensional beings was being heighted.
I still am not sure why an etheric image of the ball integrated into my right hand in the exact place where I was holding the ball, this is still a puzzlement.  But, I have already experienced new sensations in my right hand when I link to the ball which I assume will manifest as some type of new ability or inner gift. My right hand also is the hand where I have felt the Blue Skull invisibly sit upon it.  It is as if, these objects are there in another dimension and I can touch them even through they are invisible to the naked eye.  It will be interesting to see what other abilities may develop in my right hand as a result of the contact with the ball.  In this lifetime I was born left handed but I can switch my receptive side from the left to the right by using the power of mind as I wish to do so.

Do you believe in the theory of the 13 Crystal Skulls being brought together that could facilitate World Peace or do you hold a different idea about the Golden Age.

Joshua: Throughout the crystal skull community, whether it comes from the modern researchers and investigators of today or the indigenous people who hold the traditions of the past, many discuss the idea or the legend of a special set of 13 crystal skulls.  I myself definitely believe in this legend – when I have a conversation with myself or my soul and I ask about the idea of one or more sets of 13 crystal skulls which work together, I always get the answer its true.  I learned a long time ago, you either have to trust those answers that come from the depth of self or you don’t.  My intuition has never taken me down a wrong path.

But I feel to best help the readers about this question, I must delve into this idea or legend of the "13 Crystal Skulls" from a number of perspectives as there are so many variations told by different sources. When the book, “Mystery of the Crystal Skulls” was published by Morton and Thomas back in 1996, they spoke about a Native American legend which discussed an original set of 13 crystal skulls that exists - mostly depicting this set as a central larger skull in the center surrounded by 12 other equally sized skulls.

The original photo was done by Michael Abbey, the illustrator of our first crystal skull book,
"Mysteries of the Crystal Skull Revealed".  This image was redone by my brother Paul Shapiro
as he was making a special graphic image for a crystal skull lap which utilized crystal skulls
we had plus permission to use a photo of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull in the center.
This is one depiction of how the 13 crystal skulls might have been used with the
main crystal skull in the center surround by 12 on the other side sitting on a crystal
dias with the center skull rotating clockwise and the other ones counterclockwise.

In our first book, "Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed", both my co-authors Bowen and Nocerino spoke about having a vision of experiencing a set of 13 skulls.  Mr. Nocerino discussed the image you see above with the skull in the center being quite large. Ms. Bowen on the other hand, had a past life recall of working with 13 crystal skulls in Tibet as a Tibetan Buddhist. I have also had a past life vision linked to Tibet which took place underground in a cave lit by huge torches.  I was kneeling in front of a set of 13 skulls, one in the front, surrounded by a semi-circle of four behind it and then a final semi-circle of 8 skulls. All I remember from this time is I was promising to these living beings, I would give all I had to educate the people of our world about what the crystal skulls truly represented and I believe apparently, I am continuing this promise till this day.

The numbers 1 and 12 are very important for our world - the Christ and the 12 Apostles, the Levities and the 12 tribes of Israel and some people say there are 12 planets around the sun (the 9 we know, one beyond Pluto and two within the corona of the sun before Mercury). 

So I believe there is a special set of 1 + 12 skulls that exist but, I question whether there is only one set of 13 original crystal skulls or could there be multiple sets?  The Mayans in Guatemala talk about 52 special crystal skulls, that they had one set of 13 and three other indigenous cultures might have their own set as well.  There are several North American Indian tribes who speak about a sacred set of 13 skulls that when the Europeans came to America, this set was hidden and then scattered into various locations of which no one person is certain where all thirteen of these crystal skulls reside at this time.

But for me, I still see in my minds eye - a possible future event, where a (the) group of 13 skulls come together. But I strongly feel and others may not agree with me on this point, I believe there is no person of earth who will be able to physically gather these thirteen skulls together.  That when the skulls come together through their own efforts (how this happens, I am unsure), that this will be a key moment in our history which could shift our world into the density of fourth and then fifth dimensional consciousness as we move forward from the current 3rd dimensional consciousness. And perhaps this is when a Golden Age will manifest in our world, which will be a time of total peace.
Further, I believe that none of these so-called original skulls are known publicly. That they are hidden in one or more secret locations which are only known to certain shamans or elders of various indigenous people or that possibly these crystal skulls are currently invisible (by their own desire) in another dimension awaiting the proper time to come forth and fully manifest in our world.  Furthermore, I feel that all of the existing crystal skulls that we currently have knowledge of their existence (whether they be newly created skulls or quite old ones) are helping to prepare us for the arrival of these very sacred and ancient crystalline artifacts, And I have had some discussion with a very small group of people that believe or think the original crystals skulls may not be composed of quartz at all but might be made of clear gold that appears to look like quartz. Also it is believed that the original crystal skulls could be of many different colors, perhaps even beyond the natural colors we see in the quartz which is mined within the Earth.

Now my ideas about a Golden Age that could possibly occur by the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013 -- I have a guide who's name is rJis - (prounounced ARE-Gist) -- he tells me that he is myself, who I will become in our future after 2012. Now, the first question I must ask our readers is: is it possible that you could have a spirit guide who is your future-self in this lifetime?  I would answer YES because I believe that just as we can plot points in space to a position where we wish to be, so too can we plot points in 3 dimensions of time to place ourself at a specific moment in time.  That when we go to sleep at night, and leave our physical bodies, we can and do travel into other dimensions of space and time.  That in truth everything that occurs is happening in the simultaneous now so that past, present and future all are happening in the very same moment.  But through our physical senses, we have been given the illusion of time so we perceive differences in our reality as we move forward in time (but can not move back). Of course, if we were able to view time in this singular way, our physical world could not function and people would be in great confusion so for now, we only have a focus in a forward movement of time.

So I ask the readers to just assume for a moment, that it just might be possible to have a communication from a future part of yourself. Then I can freely tell you what rJis has shown me about the future of our world, a Golden Age of Peace that I know for sure is coming. Of course, he can not reveal to me the exact details of how we go from where we are today to where he exists in our future, or this could ruin the timeline and he might never exist. But he can show me what the world can be like so that we are inspired and encouraged to not give up hope and work hard to make this paradise a reality for us in our future.

Through rJis eyes I see flying crystal cities everywhere. Some people I know today, who are very open with their inner vision (clairvoyance) say that these crystal cities are in the air of our skies already but exist in a different dimension. I see humanity living together in communities – where every member of the community is part of your family. Total love is shared amongst all the people as each person is able to freely be themselves and explore
all the aspects of life they wish without judgment or interference from others.  All the adults are parents to all the children within the community.  In such a world, your true family becomes your community which allows all types of combinations of different relationships amongst the community members as people share their lives with each other on every level you can possibly imagine in joy and happiness.  In this future t
here is no greed or hunger, every person has all the requirements to live life comfortably.  Each person adds to their community by what makes their heart sing.

I think also at this future time, we will speak more telepathically and have a deep connection with all life upon our world including the animals, plants, the mineral kingdom including the mother earth and finally, all other intelligence life that is present here (on the outer, middle and inner part of the earth) of which we have no clue that exists at this time.  We will also have freedom to travel in the stars and to have non-earthly visitors come to our world to teach us of great universal wisdom.  In all truth, what I see is a Utopia.  It might be hard to imagine that we could have such a world in only a few short years but i believe this is why time is speeding up so much and there are reports of so many types of paranormal phenomena and new sciences which are coming out.  It is truly a great time to be alive with so many opportunities for inter-personal and spiritual growth. However, I believe the key for a positive and loving existence is to be open to the miracles that life offers us each day and to embrace our totality of being including our spiritual aspect. For are we not eternal souls experiencing a temporary physical existence in this classroom within the Creator’s Infinite University which we call “Earth”?

Why do you believe the crystal skulls are so important or a key to achieve world peace?

Joshua: I believe that inherent within every person is the knowledge and wisdom to know how we can live together in total and complete peace.  But many people believe that the living soul of our Mother Earth has allowed many kinds of people (souls) to come here to grow and involve as children of God. Many of the souls who have come here, are sleeping and awakening very slowly and thus have become too caught up in just the physical aspect of life and forgotten who they are inside.

So the higher intelligences have sent into our world various sacred tools to help remind us of who we are - I believe the crystal skulls are one of these special tools which have been used in many past civilizations (Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Meso-american cultures, etc) to help those civilizations spiritually involve plus the crystal skulls, working like living computers, have recorded and preserved the wondrous information and knowledge of these great cultures and soon will be available to help us create a harmonious world.

Now that we are once again coming into a time of great prophecy and transformation, where it is said, our whole world is going to evolve into a new level of awareness,  the crystal skulls have choosen to return to share with us their sacred wisdom and offer special healings to help us awaken again to our true nature. The crystal skulls are like the ancient computers, they have housed within them at certain frequencies and levels, key information that can help humanity in this time to find a way to live together harmoniously and peacefully.  And if the legends of the return of one or more sets of 13 skulls is true - then perhaps we are fast approaching a time when the skulls will assist our world and humanity once again to find this inner and outer peace.  Today, there are too many people who feel a strong connection with the crystal skulls (this has happened only within the past five to ten years) to only think this is just a passing interest.  Many people today are not even sure why they must learn more about the crystal skulls or desire to meet them in person.  So I see this as a sign that the crystal skulls are becoming more activated, they are coming to life and broadcasting some very strong loving and peaceful energies to humanity.  They are calling the souls who worked with them in other lifetimes, to find them again and utilize the skulls for peace as they have been used before.  So we are truly living in an amazing time. But also I believe there are other sacred tools (not skulls) which were used by past civilizations which are beginning to surface as well, calling out to the souls who were their guardians before to bring them back into our awareness.

What are the keys you have discovered in your life long journeys that might help others to live a more peaceful and joyful life?

When you are spontaneous is when any individual is in the highest alignment with their divine or god self and can manifest God/Creator in our physical reality.  Only in these moments, when a person allows themself to be spontaneous will a person not block this flow of universal self through themselves.

Another key idea I would share is that everything that exists in our physical world, all that we can see and taste and touch, existed at one time as a thought in a person’s mind. That deep inside of each of (whether we are consciously aware or not) is a co-creating light being of the universe who creates with mind all things on this level before it becomes manifest into our world.  Everything, everywhere, in all realities in all universes, initiated at first as a thought.  So if we focus our thoughts on creating a positive and loving world and we all work together to focus upon these thoughts, guess what must happen by the law of the universe?

---> further, this means the key to manifest our desires and joys in life is linked to what we think and what we believe.  That if you believe in something strong enough,  by universal law, it must physically manifest.  What this law also implies is that you do not need know how an event or activities will happen - but to trust in the process of life that as you project outward what you desire that the universe will find the perfect way to bring this into your life. 

If we as humanity, would all join together to perform just one single event at the very same time and moment, our world would instantaneously shift into a Golden Age of Peace - if we could all just agree to sing the same song for a minute, or to speak a poem together at the exact same time - everything that we know would immediately change.  Can you imagine this??

How about this: That there are no bad or good experiences in life, there are only experiences. Each experience teaches us something about ourselves, how we can improve or better our self.  Creator has infinite patience, so if a person or soul has to keep repeating a lesson over and over till he/she gets it correctly, he/she will.  That we each have total freedom to explore all aspects of life and that only within the very core our being, do we know what is the best place for each of us to live a full, prosperous and happy life. We can receive advice and suggestions from others and even attract the right suggestions to hear, but the true path for us to follow is already known within the depth of our being, if we can just find a way to listen to the still small voice, all will be well.
What is our purpose in life? There are so many people who are seeking an answer to this question.  We hear this question quite often in the crystal skull private sessions we offer (that is with the “crystal kids”, a helper sometimes and myself). But the answer to this question is actually very simple but most people have never given themselves a chance to think this question all the way through.  Here is the answer: It is whatever makes your heart sing - whatever you love to do more than anything else in life - that brings you the greatest joy!!  -- Is it writing songs? – or building houses? -- Maintaining a garden? -- Helping the elderly or working with the children? -- Writing books?  - etc ... so imagine if everyone just did what they loved to do - what kind of word would we have?

(Photo above:  Joshua meditation with Portal de Luz against a sacred stone in Machu Picchu - does this show again the crystal skulls ability to activate ancient energies held within this purportedly Inca ruin?)

Finally, as we study the various religions or life philosophies that exist within our world, ideas and religious concepts that have developed over thousands upon thousands of years, we always seem to come across the same concept or idea.  What am I referring to in particular is: the ONENESS of All Things. That every particle of reality in all the various and infinite dimensions of existence are all part of Creator - that each of us is part of the same being of life - a unique note in Creator's infinite symphony. 

While as human being, it appears that all of reality is outside of us and we are separate. However, when we meditate and connect into the inner aspect of our being, we begin to see the oneness of all things. If I look from my traditions of being Jewish or Hebrew, "The Lord our God is One" to considering Christianity, "The Father and I are One". In too many other religions and cultures with our world, this concept of "Oneness" always seems to be present. If we study the numerous activities observed today linked with paranormal phenomena, again it seems as we seek answers and understanding it gudies us in the direction of the "Oneness".

Finally, here is one last idea I would like to throw out there: If we all are a part of "Creator", then is this not the only opportunity that "Creator" has to experience what it is like to be you or me?  That there are no other people anywhere in the universe who are exactly identical to you or I? Even if there exists parallel earths, (which I believe there does);  those other "us-es" each have made a different decision in various moments of their life that have taken them into different directions in their lives.  This is the "Creator's" only opportunity to experience what it is like to be YOU!! Therefore there can be no mistakes – everything that happens to you is perfect -- and thus you are given the freedom by "Creator" to live your life exactly the way that works best for you.  As long as you respect this right in all your brothers and sisters, you have unlimited opportunities to explore every possible reality that exist in your physical form and also in your spiritual form when you go to sleep.

Question: What type of other research is being done with the crystal skulls and why is this research important?
Joshua: The first organization to perform a series research upon the crystal skulls was the Society of Crystal Skulls International established in the U.S. in 1944 by F. R. 'Nick' Nocerino.  One of Mr. Nocerino's key tests he performed with the crystal skull involved using psychometry (where sensitive would link into the energy or essence of a crystal skull and report what they experienced). They did these tests working with various old or ancient crystal skulls in which Mr. Nocerino received permission to work with and included a team of other people.  They would also use the technique of scrying, where you gaze into a crystal skull looking for images. Through the interaction of color, light, sound and human energy with the skull, this would produce holographic images showing various scenes that could have occurred in the distant past with ancient people or in some cases some of these scenes may have happened even on our world.  All kinds of people and mystical creatures were seen.  Additionally, the Society would work with sensitives or psychics who in an altered state would discuss the possible history of the artifacts. Mr. Nocerino was a gifted visionary and saw four complete planetary destructions of our world in some of the crystal skulls.

Frank Dorland, an art curator had access to the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skulls for a number of year in California. As a matter of fact after this crystal skull was in his care, he began to carve very beautiful pieces in all types of quartz.  He believed that this Crystal Skull was at first one large piece of quartz and then later the priests of various meso-american people cut loose the jaw bone from the quartz to create the movable jaw in this skull.  I think one of his greatest contribution to our understanding of this crystal skull was allowing a forensic police detective to have access to a mold he made of this skull who was able to create a face from this mold of what appeared to be a Mesoamerican woman - similar to the face drawn by Mr. Dorland when he was in an alter conscious state.  Frank Dorland also brought the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull to the advanced crystal laboratory of Hewlett Packard near San Francisco in 1970 who did a number of tests upon the crystal skull and stated that even using the modern tools of the present time, it would take 300 man years to duplicate this crystal skull.  It should be noted however, that a few years later, the diamond tip tools of the modern carvers was invented and today's carver are able to create very realistic looking crystal skulls as compared to our human skull.

Morton and Thomas, the producer of the BBC show, "Mystery of the Crystal Skulls" aired in 1995-1996 (also the author of the book by the same time), arranged for a number of crystal skulls to be brought to the British Museum for extensive testing.  The crystal skulls present for these tests included the British Museum Crystal Skull; a large hollow skull that is in the care of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.; "Max", the large crystal skull in the care of JoAnn Parks of Houston, TX; "Shanara", a crystal skull psychicly discovered in a mesoamerican ruin in Mexico by F.R. "Nick" Nocerino; "The Reliquary Cross Skull" - a small skull with a golden cross in a whole in the skull with the Redo family of Mexico since 1840 and a modern skull created by an advanced carver in Edar-Oberstein in Germany. The objective of this scientific testing was to determine if any of these crystal skulls were truly of an old origin or creation. The key test performed was to take plastic molds of the surface of each crystal skull to look for the tool marks left by the instruments used by carvers.  The British Museum researchers claimed that the Smithsonian Skull and their own crystal skull showed modern carver tool marks so they considered both skulls of modern design possibly from the 1800's.  The Reliquary Cross Skull had both modern tool marks and hand marks so they considered this skull could be old.  And the museum refused to comment (till this day) about "Max" and "Shanara" stating that these skulls were not discoverd in an authorized archeological dig.  The guardians of these two skulls felt the Museum's comments were very confusing which led them to believe that because their skulls were of ancient origin that the Museum didn't wish to admit it. It remains unresolved to this day and for many people, these tests really didn't seem to resolve any issue about the age of when the crystal skulls were made.

Here we are working with a Polish Energetic Healer and Research at a Conference in Krakow in 2002 --
he uses a pendium to measure the energy of a person or an object and was measuring the energy
eminated by our personal crystal skulls.  According to him, "Portal de Luz" was giving off about 120%
or more then what he considered to be optimal health for a human - on the level of a super human. 
This is an example of the type of research we have done for our World Mystery Research Center.

Starting in 2000, through the creation of the World Mystery Research Center, we began to test people's reaction to the crystal skulls by using a variety of electronic devices sensitive to the electro-magnetic energy that our bodies emanate.  We used several types of Meridian Stress Test Systems which measures the meridian or accupuncture energy on the hands and feet; we used Krillian based cameras which look at the human aura; we worked with a Lecher antenna which is like a dowsing rod device able to measure specific frequency of energies; we went into Crop Circles in England to see if a crystal skull could change the energy field within a crop circle; we used a reverse image technique on photos of various crystal skulls which produced amazing images, scenes and symbols inside the pictures of the crystal skulls (a type of code) and finally, we also looked into the controversial "Bible Code" where working with a trained researcher we were able to find information about the crystal skulls that clearly stated they existed and had special abilities and powers.

Within our new book, "Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers" we have shared complete details on all the research mentioned above.  We originally shared this information in an e-book version in 2004-2005 (no longer available) in English and then a shortened version of our book was published in Poland (2004), Holland (2006) and Hungary (2008).  Unfortunately we are unclear when an English printed version of this book will occur - we hope to find a publisher or we may self publish this book into two volumes if we have the proper resources.

To summarize our results: We exposed our test subjects to both activated modern crystal skulls and some ancient crystal skulls.  Basically in all our tests whether we worked with a Meridian Stress Test System, a Kirillian camera, a Lecher Antenna or other similar devices that can measure energy or the electro-magnetic fields, the crystal skulls in general were helping to balance people energetically - whether they believed in the crystal skulls or not - on an emotion, mental or physical level. We saw the crystal skulls also were helping tremendously to enhance a person's spiritual and creative gifts.

During our test with a Lecher Antenna with a research group in Belgium, we decided to do measurements upon my personal skull, "Portal de Luz". The researchers were amazed by the results and did this test three times.  What they observed was that "Portal" was broadcasting the frequencies of energy of the five human senses besides other unusual energies linked to the "Mother Earth".  In our Crop Circle tests, again working with "Portal de Luz" with a person holding him while in meditation, the energy within the crop circles (the electro-magnetic and earth energy lines) totally shifted (this happened in two different crop circles in England).  The Bible Code showed information about myself and my ex-wife (Blue Arrow Rainbow Eagle Woman) linked to our work with the crystal skulls at that time as well that the crystal skulls were like computers and were important to the Mayans. The Bible Code even discussed the history of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull and how it had been found in an ancient Mayan city.

Why is this research important? As I see it, there are two reasons: First, if we can understand what is the process or energetic system that allows the crystal skulls to work to heal people then we could duplicate this system into all of the modern skulls.  This would mean every person could have their own crystal skull which would work like a personal medicine chest. Whenever a person felt to be in a low energy or was ill, they could work with their personal skull to instantly regain their health. Or their personal crystal skull can become a tool to assist them in opening up more their own spiritual gifts and creative gifts. 
If the crystal skulls are able to be activated in this way - obvious it will bring more joy and happiness to the skulls guardians which eventually would be a catalytic force to change our world and establish more peace.
The second reason I see for researching the skulls is that many of us within the crystal skull community believe the ancient skulls are computers that have encoded within them unbelievable universal knowledge and information left by past (advanced) civilizations. When we discover the proper process that allows us to tap into this amazing information, it could forever change our world by transforming us to a higher state of mind that again will result in world peace.  I strongly feel that the crystal skulls contain the key information humanity needs to make world peace a reality. I have felt this since day 1, when I had my first contact with an ancient skull. 

So far a part of this hidden information has been accessed to some degree via sensitives or telepathically by gifted people.  We also suspect that there are shamans or native leaders in various indigenous tribes and cultures in the world, who are secretly guarding a number of old or ancient crystal skulls because of the great information and energy they contain.  This is a form of protection these indigenous people offer waiting for the absoultely proper time for such crystal skulls to be released into the world.  So part of our personal journey and research is to meet these shamans and elders and gain their trust so that we can bring together both the modern and indigenous people on the earth to work together for world unity.  I hope that these indigenous people understand that there are many people in the modern world who had lifetimes in the past as their ancestors and performs acts as guards to protect the crystal skulls. That these special individuals due to the past life contact with the crystal skulls have light codes encoded within their DNA which will also help to activate these artifacts at the right time.

So if we had such objects on our planet that contained this special knowledge and energies to help all of humanity see peace, this is the greatest reason for conducting this research, to better understand how these sacred tools function so we can use them in their most efficient and effective manner for the betterment of all of humanity.

What are your next projects that you are working on with the crystal skulls?

Joshua: For myself, I continue to offer public talks or workshops wherever I can and I am also looking to work with other crystal skull teachers so we can provide for the participant of these events a variety of insights about the crystal skulls. 
I want to continue to offer international Crystal Skull Festivals in more countries, a chance to bring many teachers and crystal skulls together. The two Festivals we organized in Europe, Holland (2006) and Hungary (2007), the energy at these events was very powerful and we received many compliments from the people who attended these events.  They all wanted to come to the next ones.  I hope to create a series of Festivals eventually that are all interconnected and offered all over the world - with new locations each year.
I also would like to create a society or organization which has members of crystal skull teachers and researchers to join together and see what other type of public events and research we can do in a cooperative fashion. Hopefully before the end of this year, our new book, "Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers" will be released in a printed form in English. (Editor's Note : We are still seeking to have this book published)

We also are working on our own documentary about the crystal skulls, to cover a lot more then the various media companies did last year when the Indiana Jones film was released - a view about the crystal skulls from people who are intricately involved with the skulls that brings out much more about their true purpose and looks more deeply how the crystal skulls are affecting people in their personal life.
We continue to look for support and funding for our feature film, which is a powerful story that links the crystal skulls to world peace that takes place at the end of 2012 - we already have the script finished and now are exploring investor contacts to take this film to the next level.  The current title of this film is "The Crystal Skull Chronicles" and actually it will require three movies to tell the whole story.
We are always looking for new research to conduct upon the crystal skulls and hopefully in the 2nd half of 2009, we will work with Joshua Warren and his team at Shadowbox Enterprises in North Carolina, who will have a scientific laboratory setup that can help us to test and better understand how the crystal skulls function. (Editor's Note : This research was performed and we release to the newsletter member the report of the results which were very interesting)
If there are any readers of this article interested to help us with our projects, they can contact us at:

Finally in 2009, we began a series of world peace meditations where we are working directly with the energy of the crystal skulls to send out a loving energy to our planet.  We have already performed four major meditations around dates at the beginning of 2009 that equaled to a number of 13 and starting in April through December, on the 13th of each month at the 13th hour for 13 minutes, we continued to work with the energy of the skulls to enhance two energy grids linked to our world. On the website shown above is a link for these meditations if anyone would like to join us or you can send an email to us to get more details.  Having a crystal skull is not a requirement.

Where do you see the research with the crystal skull going into the future or future events to bring more crystal skulls together?

Joshua:  Well I am hopeful that more scientists will get involved with us to help us conduct more sophisticated experiments upon the crystal skulls possibly working with special types of equipment like lasers or holography. We also need to perform tests to deterimine if the effect of the energy of a crystal skull can last over a long period of time after a person has contact with a skull and will this energy receive produce a powerful healing effect upon the test subject.  Of course we seek to uncover a procedure or technique using some type of device that is able to collect the important information that is encoded within the ancient skulls.

I want to continue to create future events (to the best of my ability) where many guardians of crystal skulls come together - where we can do some special meditations or ceremonies to send out a loving and positive energy to our world.  We would like to include in these ceremonies both modern crystal skull guardians and guardians from various indigenous cultures and perhaps do a tour with this group all over the world eventually.

I also believe that more and more old and ancient crystal skulls will become publicly known as we get closer and closer to the year of 2012. There are many crystal skulls (we believe) that have yet to come out publicly which are in private hands or are being protected by the indigenous people, but slowly but surely we arebegining to hear about more and more. There is no doubt due to the release of the Indiana Jones film in 2008 that there are millions of new people that now know the crystal skulls really do exist.  And then perhaps one day, we will see the gathering of the 13 skulls - and this could be the moment when our world shifts vibrationally and we go into the Golden Age.

What would you say were you must special accomplishments you have done in this lifetime whether with the crystal skulls or not?

Joshua: Well I feel that I have been very lucky in my life to have been able to travel all over the world, visiting a number of sacred places and meeting the most wonderful, gifted and kind people you can imagine.  The journeys I have taken for the purpose of meeting new crystal skulls or be able to share information with the public has been beyond imagination. I still am unsure how this all happened (I must have had a lot of help with our invisible friends) since this work is not focused about monetary gain (although it has provided enough to make a living), but there always seemed to be enough resources so that all that was needed to be done was accomplished.  I have also been fortunate to have had at times some wonderful and loving traveling partners on these trips to work together. Additionally I must acknowledge and honor the new friends and extended family members who acted as a translator in non-English speaking countries and helped to educate me about the customs in these other countries as well.

I feel fortunate that I have been able to have the opportunity to offer to so many people the private sessions with the crystal skulls (those who have decided to adopt us). Literally thousands of people have had this chance to know the crystal skulls and feel their essence. Of course, we did our very best too, to offer to each individual in the session the best insights, suggestions, new ideas or information about themselves we could with the hope the result of this session will bring more joy and peace to their lives.  The most rewarding experience ever I believe is when we can make a difference in just one other person’s life. 

I am also very happy that I have had many opportunities to share the best information I have been able to collect about the crystal skulls and related spiritual topics not only via my public talks but also through various other forms of media including articles on various websites and broadcast through the radio, tv (cable) or shows using the internet.

It has certainly been a great adventure over my twenty six years of being involved with the crystal skulls. But one of the most special moments are when I have had a chance to experience various old and ancient skulls in person – each time you meet one of these old friends, it changes you in a good way – you become different, more energized and peaceful.  Also the meeting of the Atlantean Crystal Ball discovered by Dr. Brown was quite fascinating and even at the time of the writing of this article, I can still feel this "Ball" affecting me. I definitely feel that my encounters with all of these special artifacts has really helped to transform me so I can fulfill the ultimate work for the planet and the citizens of this world that I promised to do (my mission) before I was even born and was in spirit.

One of the most wonderful things that I get to do is travel and meet people (extended soul family)
from all over the world.  Here I have a chance to speak at a Crystal Skull Conference in Kent, England
in 2009 organized by Sharon White Elk Woman and her team. She is the creator of the Crystal
Skull Message Card Deck. There was a great group of people who attended this conference and
a wonderful group of speakers who each got along with each other perfectly as we each other
our unique perspective about the crystal skulls - my favorite part was on the last day when
many of us sang the Crystal Skull theme song (which is my own) and ends with "One Family".

Also I hope the reader of this article clearly understands and fully releazed that my ability to work on and finish many of the projects and tasks I have discussed being involved with on the behalf of the crystal skulls would absolutely not be possible in any way whatsoever without the help of so many people who gave of their hearts and decided to support this work. Whether these dear friends offered a place to stay, helping to setup an event, were a traveling companion, tour guide or interpreter, providing equipment for our experiments or being willing to be a test subject. Really, none of the work could have been achieved without these kind and thoughtful people.  You know, we have no idea how the life of each person we meet, touches and changes us - how interconnected we all are and how what one individual does directly and indirectly affects the lives of so many many others.

And through all these trial and tribulations, from moments of the greatest ecstasy to other moments of the greatest despair and disappointment, I am lastly grateful to those invisible friends (our spirit guides), who have continued to stay with me and encouraged me to keep going no matter what; that there is a rainbow at the light of the end of the tunnel.  I truly believe we will create a world of total peace in the near future and if we each just do our best, we will see a harmonious world.  Or what if, we all just visualized in our mind such a world coming even if we do not know the circumstances which will bring this world just by the power of our visualization and the law of attraction we could make it happen!!

Now, I would not give anything else in the world to replace the special life experiences I have had since I started this journey with these crystal friends in 1983. I know not what awaits me in the future but I believe that by the time the Golden Age arrives, every one of the projects I discussed earlier will be completed and more projects beyond. And that one day we will come to know fully what the crystal skulls are all about which in the end, will provide us with key answers and insights to help us remember who we each truly are which is divine children of Creator. 

It is my hope that through some of the personal stories told here or related to some of my crazy ideas about life or what our future might be like will be inspirational for you dear reader to help take a look at inside of yourself a bit deeper to discover that wondrous part of "You".  Then this deeper part can and will also act as a catalyst to help create a more beautiful and peaceful world.  This is the greatest gift we can give to each other - to encourage all our brothers and sisters to be the best they can be as we discover our true essence within. As together we can and will create miracles beyond what we can imagine or essentially together we can manifest anything that we can think of.

Thank you for listening to my story and I thank Fate and Stephanie Bunce, the journalist for their help to present this information and insights for you.
Peace and Light always,
we will see a Golden Age by the end of 2012
Joshua Shapiro
a crystal skull explorer and a wandering jew
Atlanta, GA, May 2009


Editor's Note:
  Well we hope you liked this special interview - perhaps it has offered some new insights about the crystal friends.  It really is amazing how just taking a piece of natural quartz crystal and shaping it similar to our own bone skulls can produce such powerful objects and tools to assist us in our own spiritual evolution and upward transformation.  Perhaps one day your own interview will appear in some publication as a guardian of your own crystal skull.  We each have our own unique story to tell so don't be afraid to do so.  Ok dear friends - as always there will be new articles and interviews we will be sharing with you as a member of "The Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls"!!

In Peace and Light always,

Joshua & Katrina
your Crystal Skull Explorers

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