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( Please Note, we are still collecting photographs from the Festival, but
here is what we have gathered so far to give you an idea of what occurred
during these three special days in the Hungarian capital of Budapest

photo credits: Blue Arrow Rainbow, Diana Gheorghiu, Joshua Shapiro,
Melinda Szemerey, Sue Kitts, Tineke Mauclet & Karin Bosgraaf )

Friday Night, October 12th, a meeting of the Volunteer Team
For the Volunteers, Coordinators and Speakers

In the two photos above, meet our wonderful team of volunteers
and special guests of the speakers who helped to make the
Hungarian Festival a very special events in Budapest. The idea
of people working together to create an event

Budapest, our host city, the King wearing the Hungarian Crown

A photo of a part of "Buda Castle", not far from the location of
the Hungarian Festival. Here we see a statue of a famous Hungarian
King (there are many statues throughout Budapest) across from
the the Matthias Church, which at this time was under reconstruction,
right next to the Hungarian Cultural Foundation.

Budapest - another view of the Castle Area

Budapest - At Night

Another look at Budapest, which is quite a large city,
with Buda on one side of the main river and Pest on the other.

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