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Glastonbury Taster Photo 1

The Assembly Room in Glastonbury at the Taster
(Photo taken by R. Joshua Shapiro)

Here we see the Assembly Room as it was
for the presentations being held during the
day of the Crystal Skull Taster. Sharon White
Elk Woman is giving her talk for the crowd


Glastonbury Tasters Photo2

Glastonbury Taster Photo3

Special Meditation led by Wendy Willett with a circle of skulls
(Top Photo taken by R. Joshua Shapiro,
bottom photo by Jennifer Denning)

During the later part of the morning, Wendy Willett,
the caretaker of a crystal skull known as "Chuen", leads
us in a special meditation to work with the energy lines
in Glastonbury, supported by our friend Catherine Gaze,
who is playing the crystal balls behind us during the
mediation. The second photo shows all the crystal
skulls (quartz and other) who joined us in a circle
to partake of this special meditation .............

Glastonbury Taster Photo4

Sue Kitts giving a presentation at the Taster

( photo taken by R. Joshua Shapiro )

Sue Kitts who lives in London, has a fairly sizable
group of crystal skulls that she takes care of. Sue has
been a speaker at both the Dutch and Hungarian Festivals
and has already accepted the role of co-Guardian for the
2009 UK Festival. Here she is telling her story to the
audience how the crystal skulls have impacted her life.


Glastonbury Taster Photo5

The Crystal Skull Panel - Joshua challenges the panelists

(Photo taken by Mookita, on behalf of R. Joshua Shapiro)

The Crystal Skull Panels are always a fun part of our Festivals.
Here, the MC and crystal skull explorer Joshua Shapiro takes
on the role as moderator to challenge in fun the panelists
consisting of from your left to right, Wendy Willett, Sue Kitts,
Gillian Ellis (who brought a large Jade Skull), Claudia del Canto

and of course the main organizer, Sharon White Elk Woman.
Each panelist brought their own crystall skull to help
them to combat the tough questions asked by Joshua.


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