André is very sensitive to the energy of quartz crystals and crystal skulls and is a leading crystal skull researcher and teacher in Germany.

André Siegel, Crystal Skull Guardian & Teacher André Siegel was born in 1962 in Erzgebirge. During his childhood he learned from his grandparents the simplicity of nature and the way it orders itself. He follows his inner voice and is faithful to himself. Through his fascination for the crystal skulls, he and his wife Monika discovered their own spiritual knowledge and inner recognition. André works exclusively and follows his inner voice to guide him.

At this moment André and his wife with their four children are living in a national environment north of Frankfurt. There he organizes various seminars and workshops about zeropoint energy, crystals and crystal skulls, plus other lectures about such subjects as water-energizing and harmonizing one's house. Also, André can detect if a crystal skull was created by the "Masters of Knowledge" (higher beings) by feeling the power of the skull and if the natural line of energy (or the energy-line) exists and is moving inside of the skull.

André and his wife Monika are the guardians of 3 very old crystal skulls (“Big Daddy” {4,5 kg}, “Kleiner Schelm” {means “little rogue” in English, 1,6 kg} and “Shenoah” {2 kg} -- see photo to your left). They have have been the caretakers of these skulls since 1999, all made from pure rock quartz. The skulls came directly to the Siegels from South-America. They did not arrive all at the same time but they have come from the same source. Together these crystal skull build a powerfull forcefield. A gemstone expert in Austria, a Dr. Distelberger believes the Siegels’ skulls are quite old based upon his inspection of their surfaces. These crystal skulls have been reported on a German television station (RTL) and also in an article in the magazine “Esotera”.

Lecture: During André's lecture for the conference, he will speak about the different structures of quartz crystals that are found. Then he discuss how one can clean and charge their personal crystal or crystal skulls. And finally he will offer a few technique about one can do an energetic work with a crystal or crystal skull.

Workshop: During this workshop we will be working with various crystals and crystal skulls. The following topics will be handled:

1) Various techniques for working with crystals and crystal skulls.
2) Cleaning and recharging crystals and crystal skulls.
3) What you should look for when buying crystals and crystal skulls.

The highlight of the workshop will be an intensive meditation with the crystal skulls which will allow us to receive information stored within the crystal skulls about the past, present and future. The powerful energies that we are working with during this workshop can cause the start up of very personal and individual processes, and result in your own energy flowing again.

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