Apolinario (Achi Ijatz, his Mayan name) will share with us messages directly from the Mayan Council in Guatemala about the crystal skulls and their prophecies...

Achi Ijatz (Apolonario Chile Pixtun), Mayan High Priest Achi Ijatz is a Mayan High Priest (in Mayan, Chuch Ajaw) from Guatemala who comes from the Mayan tribe called "Kaqchikel Mayab" in his native country. His spiritual name of "Achi Ijatz" means in English, "Sower of the ancestral Mayan wisdom & spirituality". He speaks kaqchikel, kiche, keqchi, & spanish. Besides his work as a priest, he also offers his services as an Indigenous spiritual guide and is a Naturist Doctor.

His worldwide mission is to be a "Keeper of the ancestral Mayan wisdom", and he is a "Guardian of the Prophecies". Today, Achi Itjatz is focus upon sharing these ancestral teachings worldwide as he is guided by Spirit. Through his dedication to his spiritual work over the years, he has been recognized for this devotion and holds numerous titles. Please below, a few of the honors that he has received:

  • Principal Coordinator of the Confederation of Councils of main Mayan priests (Ajq'ijabs) of the Maya of Guatemala, Belize and Honduras
  • Guardian / Keeper of the Prophecies, by the Council of Elders of the USA and Canada
  • In 1992 was granted the hierachy title of "Chuch Qajaw" ('High' priest) by the Mayan Wise Elders
  • Elder bearer of the Staff of the Mayan prophecies and "Time Keeper" Elder
  • Member of the Interamerican Council on Spirituality & Indigenous Medicine (CISEI) - Mexico

The Mayan  Prophecies of the 13th Baqtun & the Crystal Skulls, an introduction.
This lecture will discuss the "Ancestral Crystal Skulls" and related prophecies (or CODES) through the understanding of the Mayans connected to our past, our present & for the future. Achi Ijatz will discuss the origin of the skulls (when humanity was dispersed from Lemuria & Atlantis) and the energy that is linked to crystals and other similar tools which will eventually assist in creating profound vibrational changes for the future benefit of our Mother Earth.

Workshop: The Mayan Prophecies of the 13th Baqtun & the Crystal Skulls, a continuation into the workshop. Here, Achi Itjatz will discuss the difference between the ancestral skulls and the modern crystal skulls being manufactured by human beings today. He will explain how to use the crystal skulls to channel the higher spiritual energies. The sacred ancestral skulls are linked to the codes in the Mayan Calendar known as: KEME or CIMI, MIQUIZTLI & TOX. It is NOW the time (a sense of urgency) for people to learn about the skulls great power.

Contact Information:
(Apolinario Chile Pixtun through Lydia Trauttenberg)

email: lydia_mayart@yahoo.com