Boris is the President of IKA, International, one of the leading crystal skull research groups in Europe existing since 2001.

IKA also studies advance civilizations from the Earth past and has members from 11 different countries in the world. Their goal is to help create peace for our planet and they believe the crystal skulls and music are two keys for doing such. They are involved in crystal skull research projects and doing group tours to locations that are linked to the groups various studies.

The idea for IKA came to Boris in the spring of 2001, after he had read the book "Teardrops of the Gods" (Tränen der Götter) by Morton and Thomas (the english title is "Mystery of the Crystal Skulls"). Thus he created a website and publicly requested to meet with other people who were interested in the crystal skulls and discovering the secrets of them.

During the following months some interested persons contacted Boris and basically IKA was born. Boris also traveled to Vienna, where the famous crystal skulls of Joky van Dieten were on display for an exhibition about World Mysteries. Boris has also traveled to London and Paris to view the British Museum Crystal Skull and the Paris Crstal Skull. IKA has also sponsored the "World Mission Crystal Skull Conferences" held in Courtemaiche, Switzerland.

Lecture: Mr. Schneickert will discuss his personal experiences with different old and ancient crystal skulls that he has met directly and what he learned from these skulls. Additionally, via his crystal skull research organization (IKA), he will discuss the research and experiments they have performed with the crystal skulls. Boris believes that as more people work with the crystal skulls in a conscious way and especially together with music, we will create world peace.

Special Event (Saturday Night): "Kristallisierung" - Boris will offer to the participants of the conference a special crystal (skull) energy exercise. During a meditation that includes special music in the background, the participant´s minds, crystals and crystal skulls will be connected into a joint energy that we will use to reduce wars / conflicts on our Earth. In November 2005 the first "Kristallisierung" in Germany was a success! It is the goal of IKA to host 12/13 "Kristallsierungs" through the year of 2012. (Duration about 30-35 minutes)

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