Blue Arrow Rainbow is a guardian of over 50 crystal skulls (heads). She has created three circles of "12" plus one crystal head for the special healing of the Mother Earth along with the people they have contact with. One circle is created of only rose quartz heads.

Blue Arrow Rainbow is an open channel for Universal Healing Energies.
Due to several healing courses she has remembered and deepened
her own abilities for universal healing. She utilizes these abilities for her energy work with various crystal heads in her personal circles. Lastly, she is a gifted artist who is able to create together with spirit, special energy paintings called “EnergArt Protraits”, that reflects the essence of her clients.

Blue Arrow Rainbow saw her first Crystal Heads at the Wolf-Song IX gathering held in Holland in August 1998. In June 2001, she began to devote her life to working with the Crystal Heads when she joined Joshua Shapiro in 2001, to help him with public events and consultations in Europe and North America. In December of 2002, during their travels, she has had an opportunity to meet a number of the ancient and old crystal heads in the world. To put it simply, Blue Arrow Rainbow loves crystal heads!!

Blue Arrow Rainbow was actively involved in helping her ex-husband Joshua, write their new book, "Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers" and did the Dutch translation. She hopes to eventually do her own book that will share some of her artwork. Blue Arrow Rainbow has many memories of working with the crystal skulls in her past lives. She is a key person within the "World Mystery Research Center" who has greatly assisted in the crystal skull research that the center has conducted.

Mozes of Peace
-- a 3 lb. clear quartz head made in Brazil, who came to Blue Arrow Rainbow in August of 2001. "Mozes" is the nickname of this crystal head. The face of "Mozes" appeared to her in a vision before the physical head arrived. "Mozes" is one of the main crystal heads that Blue Arrow Rainbow works with for her healing sessions. Many clients who have a serious illness choose "Mozes" to mediate with during these sessions. The essence of "Mozes" is also contained in two
Cosmic and Flower Remedies offered by the well known company in Holland called VSM.

A sharing of special personal stories with the crystal heads. Blue Arrow Rainbow will
share with her listeners some of her favorite experiences that have occurred to her during
contact with the crystal skulls during her current lifetime and a few stories from past lifetimes.

Workshop:  Working with her parnter Joshua, they will discuss how one is able to activate a newly carved head. Then they will provide for their participants an opportunity to do some hands-on work with various crystal skulls from both of their personal collections. The workshop will finish with a discussion about why the Crystal Heads are important to the future of humanity and what role they will have to help us usher in an age of Peace, a Golden Age by the year of 2012.

Contact Information:
(Blue Arrow Rainbow)

email: phone: +31 (0)612 952417 (mobile)
websites: (general crystal skull website) (World Mystery Research Center)