Registration from now on will only be taken at the Festival Location itself. The information presented on this webpage is to help people who wish to register late for the Festival as it provides key information about travel and hotel accomodations -- the Festival Team, October 8th.

IMPORTANT SPECIAL LATE NOTICE:  As of Monday October 8th it will no longer be possible to register online for the Festival. If you wish to attend the Festival, you can simply go down to the Festival site on the day you wish to attend and pay for your ticket there onsite. Please note that you have to pay for your ticket in cash, so please bring enough with you. There are no pin machines available at the Festival site. After Wednesday, October 11th, we will not be available
via email as well.

The Location of the Festival

If you are travelling by train you can work out your route via The station for the Festival location is called Rilland-Bath.

When coming by car you can map out the route via The address of the festival hotel is Hoofdweg 60, 4411 NA Rilland.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at:

Urgent questions after that date can be directed to +31 (0)623 738 450.

General / Event information: +31 (0)628 240 676

We look forward to seeing you at the Festival!

Where to Stay: A List of available hotels

(Please find below a list of Hotels you can stay at that are closeby to the Festival location)  

When coming by train: This list of hotels has been specially selected for delegates coming by train as the hotels are close to the stations

Hotel Merks
Brugstraat 55-57
4701 LC Roosendaal
Telephone: 00-31-165-533169

Hotel Central
Stationsplein 9
4702 VZ Roosendaal
Telephone: 00-31-165-535657

Best Western City Hotel The Goderie
Stationsplein 5a-b
4702 VX Roosendaal
Telephone: 00-31-165-555400

Hotel Tongerio
Bloemenmarkt 2
4701 JB Roosendaal
Telephone: 00-31-165-584889

Hotel Terminus
Stationsplein 1
4461 HP Goes
Telephone: 00-31-113-230085

Hotel Old Dutch
Stationsstraat 29-31
4611 CB Bergen op Zoom
Telephone: 00-31-164-271888

Hotel de Draak
Grote Markt 36-38
4611 NT Bergen op Zoom
Telephone: 00-31-164-252050

H.C.R. de Zwaan
Kerkplein 47
4421 AB Kapelle
Telephone: 00-31-113-343610

When coming by car: This list of hotels are ones very close to the location of the Festival.

Bastion Hotel
Bovendonk 23
4707 ZH Roosendaal
Telephone: 00-31-165-549419

Hotel Dekkers
Zr. M. Adolphinestraat 6
4641 CP Ossendrecht
Telephone: 00-31-164-679900

Motel de Caisson
Smokkelhoekweg 10-12
4421 JH Kapelle
Telephone: 00-31-113-341619

Hotel Van der Valk
A.Fokkerstraat 100
4462 ET Goes
Telephone: 00-31-113-315800

Holland Inn
Achterweg 62
4424 EG Wemeldinge
Telephone: 00-31-113-621551

De Wouse Tol
Mastendreef 85
4623 RE Bergen op Zoom
Telephone: 00-31-165-303651

Volksabdij Ossendrecht
O.L.V.T. Duinenlaan 199
4641 RM Ossendrecht
Telephone: 00-31-164-672546