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The Four Direction Rose Quartz Skulls with Excalibur

Some of the crystal skulls that will be present at the Festival from the collection of
DesyRainbow and her daughter Marcella. The clear quartz is Excalibur, who has incorporated
a lot of Celtic energy. Next to Excalibur is the rose quartz crystal skulls who sit in the
Four Directions of the crystal skull circle of DesyRainbow. From left to right is
Merlin {west}, Unity {north}, Infinity {east} and Trinity {south}.

Akasha, Blue Crystal Unicorn and Galactica

A few more crystal skulls from the Collection of DesyRainbow and Marcella.
Blue Crystal Unicorn (to your left) is created from blue lace agate and brings a person
into the realm of Mythological beings like Unicorns, Pegasus, Dragons, etc.
Akasha (top) and Galactica (to your right) are twins made out of clear crystal who
work together on balancing certain meridians when they are request to do so.

British Museum Crystal Skull #1 (London, England)

Here is a three quarter profile of the Crystal Skull on public display in the
British Museum in London. This crystal skull was the first human-sized crystal skull
shown in a world museum since 1898, photo taken by DesyRainbow.

British Museum Crystal Skull #2

A frontal view of the Crystal Skull in the British Museum. This crystal skull is on permanent
display since the end of 2004, photo taken by DesyRainbow.

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