While visiting the Festival, if you feel a bit overwhelmed by the energy, or just need to be grounded, please feel free to visit our two healing rooms. One room is being offered by the great team of volunteers who are helping our Festival and the other is by well-known Dutch Healer, Arthur van Steen of Homeoart.

The Festival Healing Room

During the Festival our participants are free to take advantageof a fully-equipped Healing Room where they can come and relax. The aim of this special room is to offer for you a very harmonious environment where you can relax in peace, to integrate the impressions and energies of the Festival. This Healing Room will include a number of special objects, such as energy paintings, the Biogenisis wheels and the crystal skull Yangay. As you can imagine, this will create a very powerfull and hamonizing energy field for this space. In this room there are places for 12 people at the same time to silently be assisted by the volunteer healers who will be there to offer their service.

(All Healing services will be offered for free for the Festival participants)

Power Field Session

( Arthur van Steen, Sunday Morning, 10 AM - 1 PM)

To create the "Power Field", Arthur uses various energetic loaded tools such as crystals, crystal skulls and symbolic objects. The symbolic objects have been mostly obtained during his personal spiritual journeys, like the big condor feathers used by a shaman in Peru or Egyptian god statues.

A "Power Field Session" takes place individually and lasts about fifteen minutes. The person who will be treated will lie on a bed while Arthur feels and choose which tools are suitable for him/her. He will put the tools on specific places, for instance aligned to the chakra's. After that he activates the "Power Field" by using spiritual energy of different frequencies. Arthur makes sometimes use of singing bowl and a gong. Through the aura, he/she absorbs the energy generated by the power field and this energy will find its way to the physical, emotional as well as spiritual level of his/her system.

(To take advantage of the special healing session offered by Arthur, you can make an appointment at the Festival, there is no fixed charge for this service but a donation to cover expenses is appreciated.)