His first meeting with a crystal skull in Sedona in 1994 had a deep impact upon him.

Jaap has a Ph.D. in Biology. Since 1990 he has been studying subtle energies, both of humans and of the Earth. He is particularly interested in the interaction between the human energy system and that of the Earth. He has given workshops and lectures on this in the United States, The Netherlands, Denmark and Taiwan. In 1998 he met his wife Jeanne Michaels. They work closely together and have founded Lemurantis, a Center for Personal and Planetary Transformation.

Since 1994, Jaap has included the crystal skulls in his studies and has especially focused upon the subtle energies that are contained within the skulls. He believes that crystal skulls are keys to unlocking information that will expand and shift our consciousness. His studies focus on understanding these keys.

Sam - an unusual skull from Jaap "Sam” is a clear quartz skull that is the largest one in Jaap & Jeanne's collection. This skull has a unique style to its carving and is quite large (human-sized). "Sam" is one of the seven skulls Jaap and his wife Jeanne will be bringing to the Conference. Jaap has worked with "Sam" as his teacher in his studies of how the earth energy line (or ley lines) function.

In regards to the new crystal skulls being produced today, Jaap believes:  "In my opinion every new skull has two important elements: First, it is a crystal which means it has all the characteristics of all crystals. Secondly the shape of the skull induces certain energies. These energies connect the crystal skull with the "collective crystal skull field". When connecting with a skull we basically hold a key that can open the doorway into that crystal skull field. Once in the field we can access all information in that field."

 Quantum physicists acknowledge that we can not understand the physical world (the explicate order; the world of the five senses) without studying the world of the subtle energies (the implicate order). Therefore in this lecture, Jaap van Etten will discuss the subtle energies of crystals and crystal skulls including the subtle energies that are contained within the molecular structure of crystals - in particular quartz. Next he will discuss the role that our consciousness plays while interacting with these energies and how through meditating with a crystal skull that we have the ability to unlock the secrets linked to these energies.

Workshop:  Understanding the Activation of Crystals and Crystal Skulls (together with Jaap's wife Jeanne Michaels): To have the most optimal benefit of our crystals and crystal skulls, they must be activated. Observations of the energy fields of crystals and crystal skulls (polyhedral fields) show, however, that activation is done in a very personal way with no one process better or worse than another. We activate a crystal or crystal skull to the degree that we are unconsciously able to do in that phase of our life. In other words the degree we can activate depends on our current level of consciousness and our ability to connect with the crystal or crystal skulls. In this workshop we will explore how you can use your consciousness to activate your crystals and crystal skulls and how you can improve upon and expand this activation which consequently effects your consciousness level as well. Bring your own crystal skull(s) and/or crystals with you!!!

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