Jan Ackermann is a guardian of contemporary crystal skulls and two older ones from Mexican origin. The "chief skull" he is taking care of is GrandPa Sunhawk Medicine Star, a contemporary crystal skull.

With his wife Uschi, Jan Ackermann is the founder and director of the social and cultural Heyyanka Foundation Courtemaîche, a therapeutic community and a cultural- and spiritual center which follows not only the modern psycho-therapeutic approaches, but integrates also native healing and ceremony traditions into their work.

Jan has visited with a few ancient crystal skulls and became the caretaker of a special crystal skull called "GrandPa Sunhawk" who telepathically gives messages for the world. The Heyyanka Foundation has been the host for the "Crystal Skull World Mission Conferences" (2004 & 2005) and will be hosting their next one in July of 2006.

He is also a certified bodyworker and rebirther, and got many years of additional training and initiations through various teachers, e.g. from Tibetan Lamas from the Karma Kagyü Tradition, from Sufi teachers in East Africa and Native American teachers and Wisdomkeepers in the US and Europe. He is a strongly committed people-caretaker, walking his talk on the good Red Road as well when it comes to take care to the land and the great sacred mother, keeping himself horses, donkeys and many other animals.

GrandPa Sunhawk Medicine Star -- GrandPa Sunhawk is an 8,7lbs clear quartz skull, made form a crystal that was mined in Brazil. Jan encountered him in 2004 and was really happy when he was accepted as his new caretaker person. He is by far one of the greatest gifts Jan ever received in his life from the crystal people and the Spiritworld in particular. In his amazing crystalline matrix, GrandPa Sunhawk carries a lot of true ancient knowledge and many healing properties, and so he became Jan's primary skull to work with. Many purification and healing ceremonies have already taken place with him, and he takes always part in all traditional ceremonies since he is with Jan.

White Buffalo Crystal Skull -- Since this summer (2006), Jan has become also a caretaker of one of the "13 White Buffalo Crystal Skulls" that have surfaced just recently. This Buffalo Crystal Skull is linked directly to the most powerful energy of the great Mother Guardian and protector Spirit of our sacred Earth, the "White Buffalo Calf Woman".

Lecture: In his presentation, Jan will share his journey with the crystal skulls, introduce GrandPa Sunhawk and some other crystal skulls from his circle and share with you the recent messages and powerful visions given to the world by GrandPa Sunhawk. In addition, Jan will also also share his recent journey and adventure with the "White Buffalo Crystal Skull" that is linked to the old prophecy of the return of the "White Buffalo Calf Woman".

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