Joanne van Wijgerden works as a healer and coach on the basis of energetic medicine.

Joanne van Wijgerden is healer and shamane and she has developed the Healing arts Liquid Light Frequencies "drops of light" - as a mean for our journey for wholeness, for the process of unifying with cosmos and mother earth and for reunion with Source in ourselves. Joanne is one of the people bringing in the higher vibrational frequencies to earth and helping these to be grounded in the greater collective field. The light remedies, the light drops, bear the higher frequencies. Joanne creates the Liquid Light Frequencies from her Higher Self in cooperation with spirit guides. Her skull "Shara" and her Arkansas Crystal assist her in this process. Joanne works with adults and children. Since 1997 she has been working as healer and teacher, giving lectures, workshops and trainings for therapists and writes articles about the Healing Arts Therapy.

The Lightfrequencies of the Healing Arts share their subtle energetic work with the crystal skulls. They activate subtle information in the auric field of the human body through which a person remembers where he comes from and what he is up to do here. The subtle information a person receives overcomes the information of the third dimension and contains the information of the 15 dimensions of this time matrix and what we could also call the holographic field of Oneness. This information is also activated on a cellular level of the human body (as above as below) so we can expend our consciousness from being a world citizen to being a galactic citizen to being an universal light being. The Light Drops are used in the healing of the human beings, our surrounding, animals and mother earth.

Workshop: In the workshop we will first start with a brief introduction about the Healing Arts Liquid Light Frequencies. The main focus will be on meditation through sound and visualisation. We will connect with the crystal archives of Mother Earth where both the Crystal Skulls and the Liquid Light Frequencies share their origin and Source. Finally we will anchor the activation with help of the Liquid Light Frequencies.

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