Joshua has been actively investigating the crystal skulls since 1983, having visited and occasionally worked with a number of the so-called ancient skulls.
He also will be working as a consultant for the two hour documentary about the crystal skulls to be shown on the SciFi channel in America (May, 2008) and is involved with a feature film that portrays a special story with the crystal skulls.

He is the co-author of two crystal skull books, "Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed" (with Nocerino & Bowen, 1989) and Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers ("Kristallen schedels" --
Een groot mysterie nader bekeken" published by Uitgeverij Akasha, is the Dutch title) with his partner and ex-wife Blue Arrow Rainbow.

Joshua has given numerous crystal skull lectures all over the world and has been a part of various media programs. He has been working with Blue Arrow Rainbow since 2001. They are affectionately known as the Crystal Skull Explorers. Between the two of them, they have gathered an interesting circle of crystal skulls who participate with the Explorers during their public work.

Joshua believes the crystal skulls are "vital for the future of our world and have key information contained inside that will help Humanity create a world of peace by 2012". He serves as the chairman of the board of the World Mystery Research Center and was the initiator of this series of Crystal Skull Festivals which began in Holland in 2006, continued in Hungary in 2007 with more festivals planned for 2008.

"Portal de Luz", a crystal skull "Portal de Luz" (Portal of Light) -- was the first crystal skull that came to Joshua in 1990, a gift from his former wife Vera Lopez, a brasilian who is a tour conductor for spiritual journeys to Peru. "Portal", as he and Blue Arrow Rainbow call "him", is a world traveler that also has appeared occassionally on TV. This skull was made by a very skilled Brazilian carver, is smoky quartz and weighs about 10 lbs. One time, while Joshua was being interviewed in Las Vegas, the video camera stopped working during the entire interview (for the internet broadcast) and then started to work after "Portal" was put away. Johann Pachelbel is "Portal's" favorite composer.

Introduction to the Crystal Skulls that are known in the World
Joshua will offer a slide presentation to discuss how the crystal skulls first became publicly known. He will show images of various crystal skulls that have played a key role in history and honor other crystal skulls which were unable to join us for this Festival. This lecture will provide for our participants a good overview of how the crystal skulls came to the public's attention and has evolved over recent years.

Workshop: How to Activate a Crystal Skull, Personal Contact and More
Joshua, working with his partner, Blue Arrow Rainbow, will discuss how one is able to activate a newly carved skull. Then the participants will have an opportunity to do some hands-on work with various crystal skulls from their personal collections. The workshop will finish with a discussion about why the Crystal Skulls are important to the future of humanity and what role they will have to help us usher in an age of Peace, a Golden Age by the year of 2012.

Workshop: Theories of the origins of the Crystal Skulls and New Research
Via the World Mystery Research Center in America, Joshua was able to organize special research to see how the energy of the crystal skulls affects people using various devices.  He will discuss this research via a slide presentation and what was learned by it.  Secondly, he will review various theories shared by crystal skull investigators all over the world, about theories about how were
the crystal skulls made, by whom, why and further discuss their importance about 2012 and the Golden Age.

Contact Information:
(Joshua Shapiro)

websites: (general crystal skull website) (World Mystery Research Center)