Kathleen is the guardian of two crystal skulls known as "Mahasamatman" (Sammie), "Kalif", and three ancient jade skulls.

She is the Director of the Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing, a channeller and artist and is the author of the book, "The Divine Spark of Creation, the Crystal Skull Speaks". Kathleen has taught workshops on channeling, spiritual growth, earth healing, our stellar heritage and crystals throughout the world.

Kathleen states: "I have been verbally channelling crystal skulls since 1996, when Mahasamatman, came into my life. For me working with crystal skulls has been a very personal and powerful spiritual journey. Every time my life was about to change with momentous things going on, another skull would show up. I have had great teachings from each of the skulls I am caretaker of, often in unexpected ways!"

"My life’s path with the skulls has taken me to working on all levels with cancer and terminal diseases. This year I am creating along with a group of people, a non-profit organization to found a Living Centre in Scotland to help chronically and terminally ill people."

Ancient Jake Skull with Kathleen Murray To your left is a jade skull that Kathlleen has had since 2001 and will appear at the conference.  It is claimed by a Vietnamese gentlemen with the last name of Ho, that this skull was found in a tomb with seven other skulls and two jade skeletons in Mongolia, possibly linked to Genghis Khan. Kathleen has three jade skulls that she has access to which are very very old and that they have the ability to assist the people who have contact with one, in all forms of healing. Also Kathleen will share with our participants the other two crystal skulls she worked with, named above.

In her presentation, Kathleen will introduce each of her crystal skulls and discuss how each one came into her life. She will talk about what type of personal changes they have brought to her and other people who have had contact with her skulls.

Workshop: Ms. Murray will take you into a meditation / shamanic journey by utilizing various sounds coming from tibetan bowls, quartz singing bowls, bells, drums and a gong. She also works with a piece of technology called a "Light Labyrinth" which creates a fantastic light/color environment that promotes an ease of the participants to move into an altered state of consciousness which better facilitates healing. Additionally, working with sound and light, this will activate the skulls that are present that further enhances the vibrational healing to all who attend.

Contact Information:
(Kathleen Murray)

email: Kathleen@crystal-keys.com
websites: www.crystal-keys.com www.crystals.eu.com