't Klooster van Rilland is our host for our Festival. It is situated in a former monastery, but is equipped with all the modern conveniences. It has a quiet and beautiful garden and is situated in wide open polder landscape. Above is a photograph of the Festival Center which shows the 100 year old Church, a perfect setting for this special event.

Festival Center/Hotel
(contact information)

't Klooster van Rilland
Hoofdweg 60
4411 NA Rilland-Bath
The Netherlands

+31 (0) 113 55 11 77
fax: +31 (0) 113 55 10 21
email: info@kloostervanrilland.nl
website: www.kloostervanrilland.nl

Hotel Accomodations / Photos of Festival Site

The Festival hotel, ‘t Klooster van Rilland, is fully booked. When you register for the Festival, our staff will assist you in finding a hotel in the area, depending upon whether you are coming by car or by train.

If you want to read more about the Festival hotel or see photographs (in Dutch only), you can log on to:

(hotel's own website, provides 3D view of the various rooms)

Traveling Help / Directions

It is very easy to get to the Festival location by all means of transportation. The Festival Center is very close to a Dutch Highway (A58/E312) and there is also a train station that is a ten minute walk from the center. You can either fly in to three airports that are nearby, two in Holland and one in Belgium. From each of these airports it is possible to catch a train to Rilland. When you complete your registration, you will receive an information package from us that includes complete details. For your convenience you will find below some additional travel information. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us.

By Car:
The Festival Center is located off highway A58 (E312 - European highway number) at exit 31, Rilland. Then you are less then 2 km away. Other highways you may require are: From the North via Rotterdam, A16 (intersects with A58); from the East -- A58 goes through the southern part of Holland or if you come from farther north you can use A27 going south, intersects with A59 and then eventually interesects with A16, that will merge with A58. Finally is you are driving through Belgium, Belgian highway A12 turns into the A4 in Holland and merges with the A58.

By Plane: Amsterdam (Schiphol Airport) -- has a train station underground to connect to Riland. Rotterdam (Rotterdam Airport) -- must take a bus to the train station. Antwerp is 40 km from Riland and also there is a train you can catch.

By Train: From the three airports listed above, you can go to a nearby train station. There is a stop in Rilland called Rilland-Bath. From which ever direction you come in Holland or from Belgium, you must first go to the Roosendaal train station and then change trains to go to Rilland. From Amsterdam, it is about a two hour train ride and less then an hour from Rotterdam or Antwerp.

See You in October!!!