The goal of the Crystal Skull Festival is to create a space where it is possible to bring physically together the ancient- old- and new Crystal Skulls. This gathering will allow the crystal skulls to connect and exchange their energies which we believe with all our heart will be of tremendous benefit for Humanity.

Additionally, we wish to bring a greater awareness about the Crystal Skulls to the general public as well as provide for any individual or interested person, the possibility to have their own private experience with a crystal skull. Finally, in 2006, we have created a non-profit foundation that will become the custodian to protect and realize this mission statement in years to come.

According to various oral traditions held by native people, it is stated that the crystal skulls were originally sacred tools that were developed by very advanced civilizations in the Earth's far past. Therefore, we might logically conclude that the main reason why a number of the older crystal skulls have been resurfacing within recent times is to provide for Mankind, as a whole, key information and vital energies that will assist us in creating a world of peace and harmony in our near future.

As an organization, we respect the time that is required to accomplish this mission of bringing the crystal skulls together. Thus, we understand that it will take a number of different conferences throughout the world to achieve this goal. This Festival in the Netherlands is our first attempt for such a gathering. We will work through our new Foundation, to raise funds and to continue to create more opportunities for the crystal skulls to gather in numerous locations throughout the world.

We, the organizers of this Festival perceive that all crystal skulls are equal and important. Each crystal skull has its own unique mission and work to help other people and as we combine the energy and tasks of all crystal skulls, they will collectively be a catalyst to raise the level of consciousness of humanity. Similarly, we perceive and honor all caretakers or guardians of these crystal skulls in an equal fashion, with no one guardian greater or lesser than another. In other words, theoretically, all Crystal Skulls are welcome to attend our festivals, but due to the resources available to us, we may only invite a certain number of guardians with their skulls to participate for each one. We have the strong feeling that December 21st, of 2012, may be an important date that could see a final gathering of the crystal skulls on behalf of our entire planet.

Finally, to accomplish this mission (of course) will require the help of many people. If you feel personally inspired to assist us in this great journey, please don't hesitate to connect us. We invite you to join with us and be a part of the realization of this dream together so that we may have the ability to pass on the fruits of these labors to future generations to come.

We welcome your comments or feedback and any assistance that you might wish to offer. You can contact us with this online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.