Nina is a very gifted teacher and mystic, who when she was young, had no contact with the modern world while grow uping with the Nanay People from northern Russia.

Nina Brjuzina is a sensation in our times. She was born at the river Amur near the city of Khabarowsk and spend her childhood with the Nanay People. Her home is near to a place, where unique Rock paintings were discovered, estimated 12.000 years old.

Nina is not just a healer, shaman and alchemist, but also is a scientist and researcher of bio-active energy-places, that bring health, wellness and positive changes into human life. Nina practices for a long period of time, Ushu and other oriental methods which has laid birth to creating some very unique healing systems.

Also regarded as a miracle is Nina meeting of a fiery humanoid during an eclipse in the year 1997.  Nina managed to make a photograph of this being in the city of Tschitagelungen, Shortly afterwards, another person was able to make a picture of the same being in the city of Mogotsch,  500 km distance from Tschita. A meeting of such a being is no coincidence, it also awakened new possibilities in Nina. She went up to the level of information-poems and also the vibration-singing. It also gave her healing-knowledge.

Nina also constructs bioenergetic apparatus that contain powerful magnetic forcefields. She has researched historical places like the "Palace of the White Goddess" (traces of Ghengis-Kahn), as well as
the Rock paintings of the Sikachi-Aljan, where research was done on ancient esoteric symbols.

Her ability to understand the information-essence of objects has enabled her to sing information-tones or sound keys. She heals with singing and transmits her knowledge to people. Nina is a strong mystic. Her knowledge encourages the discoveries of new horizons in the human connection between heaven and earth.

: Nina will teach the participants of this most interesting talk, how they can access three different levels of energy/information inside of a crystal skull through the use of various sounds.

Workshop: Nina will continue in her workshop (three separate sessions of 45 minutes each), to directly explore independantly, each of the three different tonal sounds, introduced in her lecture, with the participants of each workshop. This will provide for the participants a more direct experiential contact with these tonal sounds and the energy/information contained within the crystal skull matrix.