Peter is caretaker of a crystal skull named Yangay and has a great affinity with the 13th crystal skull.

Peter Viskil, Crystal Skull Guardian & Teacher Everything takes place at the right time. Preceding a radical process of consciousness raising, Peter unconsciously prepared himself for his present activities. At fourty years of age, his time to awaken in a spiritual way had come. The feeling that there should be more between heaven and earth has driven him to start his spiritual way. In an education he calls "life", he has embraced spiritual growth. Life invited him to develop his quality’s and to follow his intuďtion.

Going through various processes and cleaning old emotional feelings were part of this. He also visited ancient energy places around the world which contributed to this. Because the aim of his soul is to grow and "he" is willing to follow these intuitions this development never ends. Peter has his own practice which is called Heaven8Earth. In this practice he works with a combination of different energetic techniques, such as the energy of the crystal skull "Yangay", Tarot, Numerology and magnetizing, which can help people to live in freedom by their own intuitions.

Yangay is the name of a crystal skull made of clear rock-crystal from the Himalaya’s. During a journey to Tibet in the summer of 2006, in the Chiu monastry at lake Mansarovar close to Mount Kailash, Peter met the entity of a crystal skull. This entity was trapped in this monastry and once was the "soul" of a crystal skull before it was "lost in time". After he was set free he guided Peter to Kathmandu in Nepal, the place where a brandnew crystal skull was waiting for him. In this manner, this crystal skull for "Yangay" is a "new body" for an "old soul". The best way to discribe "Yangay" is "an energy who helps people to find themselves in their center".


The title of this workshop-meditation is "The Essence of 13".
With the help of the energy of the crystal skull "Yangay", you will be guided along the 12 characteristic qualities of the self, to the center of the circle where the energy of the new human being lives.

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