These are special friends that we highly recommend for you to visit. Not only are these organizations and individuals supporting our conference but they are offering special services related to the New Age and spirit. You will definitely enjoying meeting them and we are very grateful for their support.

  • VJ Enterprises (U.S.)
    Shares information about the Manifestation of the Aquarian Age - includes such subjects as crystal skulls, UFOs, Hollow Earth, Prophecies and more.
  • De Woestijnroos (Dutch)
    De Woestijnroos is a New Age store in Deventer, The Netherlands, selling books, crystals, music and more. It also offers lectures and workshops plus it is building a Mother Earth Museum.
  • Inner Balance/Outer Harmony
    Marion Webb-De Sisto is a metaphysical writer and lecturer, a healing practitioner and the author of "Crystal Skulls; Emissaries of Healing & Sacred Wisdom".
  • Inner Motherland MU
    A special website dealing with the awakening values for the New Era of Humankind -- Christ-Consciousness, Shamism and Mayan-Energies, a trinity of Healing.
  • The Spiritual Tides Whole Life Festival
    3 day Spiritual, Environmental & Holistic Living Festival, UK. Around 300 stands and over 100 talks & workshops (including some Crystal Skulls!) -- see the website for brochure and bookings.
  • Journey in Spirit
    Adele Sands (US), a healing facilitator in Sedona, shares her 3 month sacred sites journey that focused on water healing, images of dolphins, as well as insights on manifestation, healthy living, and beautiful dolphin prints and jewelry.
  • De cirkel vzw
    De cirkel attempts to bring the essence of life together through word and prayer, through song and dance, through rituals & sjamanism, through conferences, workshops, Festival 2012 and through Christ in each one of us. Heeja ho.
  • Phil Gardiner (UK, Home of the Grail Hunter)
    Join Mr. Gardiner and other speakers for the "Forbidden Conference" on July 1st in Stroke on Trent, England.
  • Crystal Angels (NL)
    Crystal skull-initiations and sales.
  • Spiritual Summerfest (Odenwald in Hessen, Germany)
    A Spiritual Conference held in nature that features all types of different lectures; everyone is welcome to come and meet others of like-mind.
  • Centrum Kristalhelder
    Therapeutic centre for healing, Cosmic & Flower Energies and coaching plus offer courses for intuitive development and Cosmic & Flower Energies.
  • Midsummer Events
    Organisers of Mind Body Spirit Events in The South West of England and "The New Dawn Festival 2007".
  • World in Our Hands
    World in Our Hands believes that through education and networking, a new spiritual understanding can be achieved - projects includeThe Holistic Channel, an internet television channel and a quarterly networking magazine called Spiritual Forum.
  • Cosmic Unity
    Marni Mantarro dedicates her healing practice to finding the deep seated causes of disease pain and their symptoms and is able to not only detect blockages and dissolve and release them but also incorporates crystals and crystal skulls in her sessions.
  • The Crop Circle Web Site
    The web site for the serious researcher and newcomer to the phenomena of Crop Circles. (David Kingston is the director of the site and he is based in England).
  • The Starchild Global Web Site
    A Global Network for Lightworkers.
    This website is reflective of the past and is symbolic of the future and the New Earth.
    "A combination of spirituality, psychology, and science, offers tools for personal healing and enlightenment. Additionally, you will find a rich selection of books, spiritual novels, and meditation CD's for holistic healing and deeper understanding of multidimensional consciousness."
  • Lichtwercentrum (Dutch)
    The "Lichtwerkcentrum" is a meeting place for people working on their enlightenment process.
    Where light and play dance together with the improbable and wondrous.
  • InnerNed
    InnerNed is devoted to spirituality, healing modalities and psychological subjects.
    Meditation startpage. (Dutch)