Sherry is the latest caretaker of an ancient crystal skull, known as "Synergy" since 2001. This is the name the skull asked to be called.

Sherry Whitfield-Merrell is a gifted sensitive who has led numerous workshops across the United States, Canada and England on spiritual, metaphysical & esoteric subjects. Her focus is on spiritual awareness and development, as well as the empowerment and validation of the individual. Additionally, she has collaborated with scientific researchers at the University level, working to understand subtle energies and states of consciousness.

A prolific author, she has written columns about practical spirituality for several papers and newsletters in the U.S. and Canada and is well known for her practical, down to earth and gently humorous approach. Thousands of people have used these simple techniques to gain valuable insights into themselves and their life situations.

Arthur van Steen is from childhood involved in spiritual development.  He uses his great power as a spiritual healer in his daily practice as a holistic therapist. He works with power fields, in which his crystal skulls play an important role and teaches in many workshops. Furthermore he organizes travel spiritual to bring people in contact with ancient sacred places.

Synergy, an ancient crystal skull Synergy is one of the ancient crystal skull known in the world today that has fascinated countless people who have had the privledge to meet this skull. The skull's origins are not known, however, it was acquired as a gift, about a two and a half decades ago, by a European businessman known as George. He was told that the skull had come into the possession of a much loved Catholic nun, in the early 1800’s in Peru. She was quite old when she died, and she passed on what she called “an inheritance from a lost civilization” to a young native boy and his father, asking them to safeguard it until the ‘right’ person came to get it and share it’s message with the world. So George became the new owner for a time until he met Sherry in 2001, and gave this beautiful crystal skull to her.

The name "Synergy" stands for the cooperation between 2 or more independent souls. This cooperation has a tremendous surplus compared with the sum of what the souls separately would reach. Thus 1 + 1 = 3 or even more! This synergetic aspect will expresses itself during the festival as examplified by cooperation between Sherry Whitfield and her good friend from Holland Arthur van Steen, a holistic therapist, as they will work together in the private sessions and the Saturday night group meeting, in which the energy of the crystal skull "Synergy" will be central.

Lecture (by Sherry):
  "Crystal Skull Dreams" -- Dream are gateways to other realms. It’s a powerful experience to have a Crystal Skull dream and to remember it. The exercise has been designed to make contact on different levels with the crystal skulls. It is a gentle, yet dynamic method to improve your spiritual growth.

Workshop (by Sherry):  "Beyond the Mind: Expanding Your Consciousness to Experience the Crystal Skulls!" -- A series of exercises intended to develop your spiritual awareness and raise your overall vibrations to a higher frequency. This supports you to be more open to and more aware of, Guidance and information from Higher Beings, including the Crystal Skulls, Masters, Star Beings, Angels and more.

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