Sue received her first crystal skull as a birthday present in 1999 and has never looked back since.

Sue Kitts is guardian to 12 crystal skulls. The numbers change quite rapidly at times as skulls come to her for a short while and disappear again having found their way to their new guardian. She is a Reiki Master Healer Teacher, Sekhem Practitioner and Hopi Ear Candle Therapist as well as a naturally gifted intuitive healer, and in 2005 was the co-organiser of our International Crystal Skull Conference in Switzerland and we are pleased to say that she has taken on this role again for 2006.

Sue offers workshops that actively encourage and help people to find their own unique style in working with crystal skull energies, she teaches from the heart that there is no right or wrong way to work “only your own way” and this is very important to her and her skulls.

In July 2005 Sue received Skullskie who has quickly become her main channel. Working with Skullskie has opened past life memories for Sue and has strengthened and reconnected her to her link with the Atlantean skull energies. It’s a joy for her to communicate with these energies and share the teaching that they have for us all.

A healing session with Sue and the skulls is something not to be missed - as Sue says “you never quite know what will happen when we start to work, but it’s always a joy and pleasure to connect others to these wonderful energies”.

Lecture:  Do crystal skulls hold the key to the evolution of our planet? Discover for yourself, come with an open mind and listen to the information given by the crystal skull conclave. Are crystal skulls the angelic equivalent of the human computer – what do you think? (Sue is a spiritual channel to receive the information given by the dimensional consciousness of this conclave of crystal skulls.)

Workshop:  Come and spend some time connecting with the energies of the Atlantean skulls through meditation, channelling and hands on work. Discover your own link to Atlantis, Lemuria, Syrius and the other star systems. Sue and DesyRainbow Shapiro have been working with the energetic consciousness of crystal skulls that were in Atlantis -- this should prove to be one of our most interesting workshops!!

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