Susan is the keeper of two small crystal skulls from Central America that when put back-to-back, form a perfect human heart.

Susan is the founder of the Shambala Training Center, based in Mt. Shasta, California. She is an International Teacher of Metaphysics, Author, speaker, artist, spiritual channel and healer.

On May 20th, 2000, while in Belize, a local Maya gifted to Susan a tiny crystal skull which is called "El-Aleator". Since that time, she has been very involved with the crystal skulls, having written her own book and also offering public classes and workshops. Recently, a second crystal skull of a similar size and shaped has been gifted to her called "El Za Ra" which when these two skulls are together they form a heart and represent the "One Mind" to come in our future. Susan has taken the skulls to various sacred sites for assisting in re-awakening these places.

To your left is a highlighted image of the face of "El-Aleator" that Susan has done with a purple color light. This crystal skull is very small and can be held easily within your hand. It is more of like a crystal face. Susan was told that this small crystal skull was discovered in a tree by a Mayan Elder. Her life has completely changed since this crystal skull has entered her life. With "El-Aleator", Susan is able to activate other crystals and crystal skulls. "El-Aleator" has transmitted to Susan amazing insights and special information.

According to Susan: "To actually see this little stone change color and transform before you will amaze you as it has me and many others. The Skulls are not here as symbols of death, as we in our negativity assume, but are here for a transmission of KNOWLEDGE!! What better way to leave a message in stone for a people far in the future?"

The twin skulls of "El-Aleator" (male) and "El Za Ra" (female) will both accompany Susan to the conference. She states that the brains of these skulls are clearly visible. When these two skulls are placed together, back to back, they form a perfect human heart and brain. Susan will be offering her special consultations with the skulls to participants of the conference for activations to the One Heart, One Mind energy of the Mayan Skulls.

Lecture: The day of the discovery of the Wisdom and Knowledge contained within the crystal skulls is about to be revealed upon the Earth plane. Susan will answer the following questions in her talk: What will this Future time look like when it manifests? What are some of the ways the skulls are being used now? How can the "Skull Keepers" combine and begin a collective work for humanity?

Workshop: "How to Heal With The Crystal Skulls" -- In this workshop the participants will have 'hands on' instruction about how to conduct a healing by using the crystal skulls. This technique was channeled to various crystal skull keepers by the skulls themselves when the Shambhala Center was based in New Hampshire, over a two year time period.

Contact Information:
(Susan Isabelle Boynton)

email: phone: +1 530-958-3500 (U.S.)