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In celebration of this initial announcement, Joshua and Katrina have decided to offer to the new members of the newsletter a very special documentary (of a sort) that Joshua prepared in 2007 in cooperation with Esoteric Online Radio (Kendra Pinder, UK) and Ditranium Center (Frank Hoogerbeets, Netherlands).  This documentary was an early attempt to show the type of information that could be included in a more professional video or documentary.  Sometimes when you have a video based project that requires the help of other professionals, if you can just have a visual example (even if it is not very polished) to show - this can help other people to better understand the possibilities of creating such a special video and what our your true goal and intentions.  So when both Kendra and Frank were open to offer their help, Joshua felt it was time to create a new documentary. 

With these resources in place, Joshua then contacted some of the more prominent crystal skull teachers and guardians to see if they would be willing to share a part of their information and insights about the crystal skulls in order to provide a very comprehensive presentation.  For the most part only photographs and naration were used with just a bit of live video (it just wasn't available at this time).  The documentary was created in 3 parts.  Kendra collected all the materials submitted by Joshua and created the video you will view. The narration was done by Joshua and Kendra and Frank helped to supply some video of Joshua and recorded his music.  The key as with any project to succeed is the colloboration and cooperation of each supporting party who contributes their unique talents and skills.
So it is our recommendation that you do not watch all 3 parts together but take your time.  This documentary has only been shared at one crystal skull gathering near Sedona, AZ in 2007 and privately by Joshua with some groups at various times.  But it is our hope that this documentary might be inspiration to help create some new documentaries which go beyond the ones shared in 2008 around the "Indiana Jones" film which are able to go much deeper into what the crystal skulls represent, their meaning and significance for our future.
So dear friends, you are one of the first people to view this. It is our honor and joy to share this with you in gratitude for joining our list.  The files are formatted as flash files - there will be instructions on the download page what you must store them on your computer or if you wish to view the files just through the internet.
We hope you enjoy this documentary and of course encourage any feedback you might have.

To further celebrate the release of this new newsletter, we wanted to give to the members of our a list another special offer. We have decided to offer at a discounted price (for this time only) the following crystal skull products and services we provide for the general public.
1) There is the Crystal Skull book entitled: Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed which was published in 1989 and co-authored by three individuals included the famed researcher and crystal skull expert, F. R "Nick" Nocerino (deceased), Sandra Bowen and Joshua himself.  This book is currently out of print and at the present time, we personally only have less then 300 copies left.  It was considered to be the definitive book about the crystal skulls at the time of its release and contains quite a bit of special information that has never been shared in other books.  So therefore, for the first 100 members who order the book from a special page we will provide (or in combination with our other offers below ) we are discounting the price of this book for our members.
2) Since the end of last year (2009), we have started to provide for people desiring to have their own crystal skull, a small skull made by a Brazilian carver which comes in three type of quartz, at a very affordable price.  We gave as a gift to all of our passengers who accompanied us to Peru last November, each their own crystal skull so they could charge their new skull with the energy of the sacred sites of Peru.  We are also offering to our members, the first 100 people, a discounted price upon this small crystal skull.  You can buy the crystal skull alone or in combination with our crystal skull book as it is a nice gift for oneself to have the object about which you read about in the book and begin to work with the skull and build a relationship. Additionally we will charge your new crystal skull with our own crystal skull (we call them the "Crystal Kids") before we send your new crystal out to you. 

(Note : In the new addition of our free crystal skull e-book, (which you being a member of our new list) you will also hear about the release of this e-book first! We will have pictures for the first time of all the "Crystal Kids" and telling their individual stories.  Again for the first 100 people to place an order with us for one (or more) of these small crystal skulls, you will receive a special discount.
3) There is a special type of spiritual healing and reading which we have offered for many people working with the energy of our "Crystal Kids".  All that we require is a digital photo of yourself and to setup a time to speak to you live either via the telephone (we can only offer this for people in the U.S. by phone) or by skype. This special service will be offered to the first 20 people who also order a copy of our book and buy a new crystal skull, again at a special one time discounted price.  Katrina does the healing part and works with spiritual beings from many dimensions as well as the guides of the individual.  She hears and sees them.  Joshua is an intuitive reader who feels the energy of the person and also hears messages from various spiritual sources.  We will offer a 1/2 hour session which we will try to schedule within a week or so of your purchase.  This is our ultimate package that can offer the greatest benefits.
Again, these special discounted prices will only be offered to the members of this new newsletter and is our way to express our great gratitude and thanks for supporting our work at this time.

And what to expect will be happening in near future with "The Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls Newsletter"? 

Well Joshua has collected quite a number of interviews with some special people who are quite knowledgable about the crystal skulls plus other information gathered via research projects.  We have yet to be able to publish in English our new book, Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers which has been waiting for over 6 years.  So he intends to all provide you a glimpse at some of this information as well.  We do have a plan for the releasing of the information within Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers and that is do it in a digitized form a serialized fashion (providing 60-80 page every 4-6 weeks) which again the members of this list will be given the first opportunity to review and read this book. 

For the most part, we have been working alone in sharing key information about the crystal skulls.  However we hope to begin to work more closely with other crystal skull investigators, teachers and guardians so that some powerful future events and activities can be created.  It is our hope that through this new newsletter and the various services we will offer that we may be able to create teams of people to work together on special projects for the planet that are linked with these crystal friends.

Additionally we are already dialoguing with various other individuals and companies, who are selling crystal skull products to see if we can get a discounted price for our members.  Very soon we hope to start our own blogtalk radio show (the title is not yet decided) where perhaps once or twice a week we can offer to you live, the latest crystal skull news and bring some of the most amazing guests on our show.  We will probably link this radio show with other world mysteries as well.  Well if you are ready to join our newsletter, just fill out the form shown below.
(Special Notes: After you fill your name and the email you wish to be contacted at for the newsletter, you will immediately receive a Thank You Page {including some special offers so you may want to add this page to your favorites}. Then you will receive an email to confirm it was you to sign up and you approve.  And after confirming the link in the email we will send you to another webpage where you will have access to our first gift, for joining our list, a special 3 part documentary that very few have seen before.  So fill out the form below and just hit the "Submit" button - thanks, we will see you on the other side!!)

Our door is always open and if we can answer any questions at all, doesn't hesitate to contact us.  Of course as Crystal Skull Explorers we are always very interested to know about other people's experiences with the crystal skulls or if you should have a personal encounter with a crystal skull you might like to share. We are also hearing from quite a number of people who are acquiring older crystal skulls and this is also of interest for us.
We live in very exciting times and many amazing events and phenomena are happening every day.  The Crystal Skulls have a key role to play in all of this and your Crystal Skull Explorers are doing our very best to share the most important and exciting information with you.
Thank you for joining us and we look forward to having further contact with you via email or the online communication resources or perhaps we will met in a person at a future crystal skull event.

Peace and Light always

Joshua & Katrina
your Crystal Skull Explorers

email: cijelightwork@gmail.com


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