Ron & Missy Hill
Fletcher, NC

(Missy & Ron Hill {to your right} with their friends Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head during
one of their joint explorations into the natural settings of the Mountains in
NW North Carolina where they also brought their collective group of Crystal Skulls)

The Founders of NiteVision X are Ron and Missy Hill.  This special investigation and tour company was founded in August of 2009.  However, Ron and Missy have been involved in all kinds of spiritual activities and paranormal investigations for 11 years. 

As a matter of fact, on the night they said their wedding vows (under a full moon around midnight) there occurred a paranormal event. This took place in the Linville area of Western North Carolina, There were little lights in the forest that were very bright and low to the ground and they had this feeling of being "watched" by something (plural, a presence) which witnessed their vows.  They also heard a droning hum that was syncopated with the sound of geese honking as well as there was an energy that was round that would splash in the lake nearby the bench they were sitting. Also whatever this energy/presence was, it would fly into the sky.  Missy received the name of "Albion" for the presence which she felt actually had something to do with an old Cherokee Indian legend.

From 2001-2003, Ron and Missy traveled all over the country as truck drivers.  During this time, they were doing grid work , spiritual clearing and had spiritual experiences which connected them with some of their past lives.  Some of their most favorite places where they had spiritual highs and paranormal experiences were: Sedona, Flagstaff, Meteror Crater, Yuma (our friends have a mining museum) and The Grand Canyon (AZ);  Salt Lake City (UT);  Grizzly Creek (CO and the surrounding areas); Las Vegas (NV); Seatle (WA and all of the surrounding mountain areas);  Columbia Gorge (OR); Truth or Consequences (NM, there are hot springs there); British Columbia; Niagra Falls; Bengor, Maine -- just to name a few.  Their love to explore new things and especially the beauty of nature in the great out doors  has been part of their motivation for their travel and explorations as they witnessed the great cycles of this synchronicty and spontaneity that govern all of our lives.

Missy has been sensitive to paranormal phenomena since she has been young. She believes that when she was younger living in Florida, she would look at the sky and sometimes see things that just looked strange.  Perhaps these strange objects in the sky were UFOs, but she couldn't prove it so she would dismiss it. However she did believe she was sensitive to ghostly type activity as the hair on the back of her neck would stand up so she believed she was able to perceive ghosts. 

Missy and Ron are great fans of the "Coast to Coast" radio show. When people would call into the show and speak to the host about their personal ufo experiences, this inspired them to want to see their own UFOs. However, when George Noory, the show's host spoke to a gentlemen named Ed Grimsley on his show about the 3rd generation Night Vision Goggles Ed was using to see UFOs everywhere in the sky even including space battles, this inspired Missy and Ron to eventually buy these Night Vision Goggles and now they own two pair. 

(A Picture of the Night Vision Goggles which Ron and Missy use in their research)

Actually, Missy and Ron asked their local friend Joshua P. Warren (a renown Paranormal Researcher, Radio Show Host and Author, in the Asheville, NC area), if he would bring Ed Grimsley to their area and Joshua was able to do so.  Missy and Ron were so impressed because of what they witnessed in the sky through the Night Vision Goggles that this is why they purchased their own and decided to use this tool as part of their paranormal research. For example, as they gazed into the sky (just a little bit after dark) they saw an object skirt throughout the whole sky and then in 5-10 seconds totally stopped but then two more objects started to follow it.  Everyone in the group that night saw ufos.

Missy and Ron have also been quite active with the Brown Mountain Lights which they first heard about on the popular Coast to Coast radio show.  Brown Mountain is located in western North Carolina in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Burke County.  Many people have seen strange lights appear here.  They have seen all kinds of bazarre lights in that area which will even respond to your request to move, so Ron and Missy believe there is an intelligence linked to the lights.  Of course the Night Vision Goggles help for them to see the lights even better and they plan to offer tours to this area in the future for other people who would like to have a full experiences of the lights.

This place is a natural energy vortex, Missy feels is an interdimensional portal even though they cannot prove that.  It sits between two mountains Table Rock and Hawksbill which is a bed of quart crystal that is an amplifier and there is running water which creates ionization and electro-static charges there.  These lights dance on top of the mountains as well as shoot into the sky and also look like comets. We do not know for sure what they are yet, they could be the 4th state of matter plasma.

One of the most most powerful experiences that Missy and Ron has when visiting Brown Mountain occurred last November (2009) when they traveled with their friends Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head.  Katrina and Missy both saw with their naked eyes a disk shaped object that was of rainbow colors land in the mountain to the right of us form the area called "Wisemans View".  We have footage of this occurence which Joshua posted on his Youtube website after it landed.  Email us if you want to see this footage.

(Three of the Crystal Skulls which accompany Ron and Missy on their paranormal adventures.)

Lately, Ron and Missy have been intricately involved with the crystal skulls since April of 2009, mostly due to Ron's strong interest.  After attending a workshop given by Joshua Shapiro in May of 2009 in Asheville, then the door really opened and more crystal skulls came into their guardianship.  Now they have a collection of 16 crystal skulls which they have contact with every day.  After Joshua & Katrina begin to temporarily stay with the Hills, and brought their own crystal skulls to stay who had visited a labyrinth in Wisconsin that is filled with Orbs, all of a sudden the Orbs started to show up on Ron and Missy's property.

Ron and Missy were able to view these flying orbs by using a combination of the Night Vision Goggles together with an infra-red light.  Normally we see Orbs in still photos but Ron and Missy were able to film the orbs moving.  We believe it is the combination of the energy of the crystal skulls with a vortex that Ron and Missy have created over time in their backyard is why the Orbs are appearing.  Just the other night, as Ron and Missy were watching the orbs in the sky, they saw what they believe were ufo's because these strange lights had other light shooting out from themselves and moving very quickly. Again to view all of these remarkable videos, they are available on Youtube via Joshua's site.  Email us if you would like to know more or where to see them.

Their crystal skulls have traveled alot to various special energy spots and activated areas near their home in North Carolina.  Their skulls also had  direct contact with "Max" an ancient Crystal Skull plus all the skulls that Joshua and Katrina have, which done their own world travels (to Peru, Mexico, South America, Europe)  To quote Missy: "All we can say is wow we love this stuff!  You will find it interesting too!"
To contact NiteVision X, Ron or Missy:

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