It is the opinion of the World Mystery Research Center that the crystal skulls act like little mini-vortexes. They also act as a catalyst that is able to produce for the majority of the people they touch, an awakening of some higher or hidden aspect of their being, thus realizing more of their true inner potential.

The World Mystery Research Center has been registered since 2001. For a four year period (through 2004), the center was able to conduct a number of interesting experiments with the crystal skulls thanks due to the generosity of other people and organizations located in America, South America and Europe, who donated special electronic devices or their time as test subjects. The electronic devices that were utilized for these tests were able to measure the energetic effect of the crystal skulls upon the test subjects. From the results of these preliminary tests, the Center could make the following observations or conclusions:

  • There seemed to be an intelligence at work or some type of program contained within the crystal skulls used in the experiments that responded to each test subject by generating a very specific energy field within or surrounding the test skull that in general produced a positive effect upon our test subjects. We were able to measure more harmony and balance in the bio-magnetic field of the physical body of our participants.
  • When people have meditated with the crystal skulls during a private session, the following patterns were observed: some people went into an alternative state of consciousness, others would have visions, some would experience the release of deep seated emotional or karmic blocks (energy blocks in their chakras or physical body) and a few people just felt utter joy or went into a state of bliss.
  • For some people, the contact with the crystal skulls would produce a special dream for them afterwards, or they would feel the effect of the energy of the skull for days afterwards. In other case, various participants of our tests, had one of their inner or spiritual gifts just spontaneously open up (such as their third eye or ability to hear "Spirit")
  • There are many people who have contacted the Center after participating in the tests that reported profound changes occurring in their lives (or sometimes the Center receives emails from people who have their own crystal skulls who reported the same). What happened to these individuals is either there were unwanted or undesirable personal situations in their life that were quickly resolved or there were unexpected and miraculous new doors of opportunity that just opened up for them bringing more peace and joy into their lives or they became inspired to explore and become more creative such as producing new works of art, music or writing.

Curious to experience the crystal skulls?

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