So What Happened at the Festival you say ...

The Festival activities officially started with the arrival of Blue Arrow Rainbow and Joshua Shapiro
on Wednesday, October 10th.  There were a few people who wanted to take advantage of their early arrival and so private sessions were given on October 11th.  Also on that Thursday, Sue Kitts and her partner Doug arrived with Lydia Trauttenberg, who flew in from England.  Kathleen Murray and her partner Clive arrived late Thursday evening but due to not receiving all their baggage they didn’t come to the Foundation until early Friday morning.  And finally Friday afternoon, André Siegel arrived from Germany.  A special meeting was organized Friday evening for the volunteers so Melinda could discuss how things would proceed during the Festival and also so these special
people could meet the speakers and the crystal skulls directly.  Once the Festival began, everyone would be super busy so the organizers of the Festival wanted to give a special time first for the volunteers -- in gratitude for their loving support.  Also at this meeting, a special energy was
co-created by the participants in the main staging area of the Festival, as a meditation for world peace with the crystal skulls was conducted, to help prepare the room for the next two days.   Additionally, in preparation for the event, one of the volunteers Krisztina, was able to translate the free e-book offered by Blue Arrow Rainbow and Joshua into Hungarian so people would have something to read when they returned to their home.
Erika Pinter was the person to introduce Melinda to a special group of Hungarian shamanic drummers who decided they would like to join the Festival.  They played some beautiful old songs and drum sessions throughout the festival and especially for the opening and closing of the Festival. They were an integral part of the Festival you might say.  Also Melinda invited some people she knew from a local television station who were able to make a complete recording of the activities which occurred around the main staging area including all the lectures and special performances (this DVD is available for those who are interested and you may contact Melinda, via her email address and website shown at the end of this article).  The presentations were done in English
and German (André Siegel) and then translated into Hungarian.

Meet the Hungarian Shamanic Drummers

Here is the special group of people who started our
festival with special drumming and chanting and
played a big role to help make the Festival a success!

To summarize what type of information was shared over the two days by the group speakers, please find below a list of the subject areas:

  1. a definition about what the crystal skulls are and a brief history
  2. images of some of the crystal skulls known in the World
  3. personal stories and experiences
  4. a chance for the participants to have direct contact with the skulls themselves
  5. how to become a crystal skull caretaker and how it changes your life
  6. various meditations with the energy of the crystal skulls
  7. how music is linked to the crystal skulls and together combined for healing
  8. channeling energies linked to the crystal skulls to share with the attendees
  9. the importance of quartz crystals, the material for which the  skulls are comprised
  10. various scientific research done with quartz crystals and crystal skulls
  11. How the Crystal Skulls are linked to the Maya in central America
  12. The link of the crystal skulls with indigenous prophecies
  13. Finally, what vital role the crystal skulls will play to help humanity move
    into a time of peace and harmony in the future.

Saturday, October 13: At 10 AM, the Festival officially began. The organizers were really amazed to see so many people actually did arrive – they just kept coming through the door-- so many that by the time the Festival started, it was standing room only.  At the front of the room on the stage was placed a long table for the speakers to sit and as well as to display the crystal skulls they had brought to share with the participants.  From the left of the stage and around the outer part of the room (in front of the kitchen) was a line of tables where different groups and organizations
had booths to sell products with a separate table for each speaker. The speaker's tables were manned by two volunteers who supported that specific speaker in order to allow the speakers to completely focus upon their work – their lecture or workshop or the private sessions.
Prior to the Festival starting, many of the participants wanted to come up to the front table to see or touch the skulls, or even take pictures.  But Melinda felt this was not appropriate as the table would soon be overwhelmed by the people. Thus, she made some announcements to ask the excited participants to wait till a later time as they would each have their opportunity for a direct contact with a crystal skull either through the workshops offered by the speakers or during the private sessions. It was an important part for the Festival that anyone who had an interest to make contact with the skulls that this was possible. So it was not forbidden for such contact to occur. 
It was amazing to watch the people as they approached the crystal skulls with awe and respect.  
It appeared that the participants could already feel there were some special energies linked and surrounding these crystal friends.

The Festival concluded this day with a performance of what is known as the “Crystal Skull Theme Song”, which was played in Holland last year, a song written by Joshua Shapiro.  Kathleen and her partner Clive, who are musicians, joined in as Joshua was on guitar and the shamanic drummers participated as well. All the other speakers were joining in to help sing. The song ends with the words “One Family”. Joshua has a habit (or as he says, the energy of the music carries him away) that he ran out in the audience to sing with and make contact with the people.  Anyway it was with these words being sung by everyone present, that the Festival ended on this day. During that evening, there was an informal meeting with some friends from Belgium (Tineke Mauclet and her mother Jaqueline, plus their mutual friend Karin from Holland) that Blue Arrow Rainbow and Joshua, had a discussion which created  the seeds for a Belgium Festival to be held in the fall of 2008 (please stay tuned to this website for news and updates about the Belgium Festival).

Some of the Visiting Crystal Friends at the Festival

Here is part of the collection of crystal skulls
and other gemstone skulls from speaker Sue Kitts.
They were sitting on the front table with the
other crystal friends from the various speakers.

Sunday, October 14th: The Festival once again commenced at 10 AM and there was a full house of people in attendance.  The day began with the drummers and general announcements with all the crystal (heads) skulls sitting upon the table at the front in the main room.  Then all of the speakers went in their separate directions to either offer a lecture or workshop or to provide for the participants a private session with their crystal skulls.  During the speaker’s lunch break, Melinda did a short interview with each one, to add to the DVD being made to record this event.

After another full day of activities, all the speakers assembled back in the staging room, returning the crystal (and jade) skulls to the main table. Each speaker was able to give their final message to the people and thank everyone for attending as well as share their unique perspect of the crystal skulls and what they represent.  When Joshua had his opportunity to speak, he asked the participants:

“How many people here had an opportunity to touch or work directly with a crystal skull?” --
about 85% of the people raised their hand to indicate they did. Then he asked “How
many people would like to come to another festival in Hungary in the next year?” And almost everyone present raised their hands.  So there is the expectation of a 2008 Hungarian Festival
now and as there are further developments they will be reported on this website.

The Hungarian Festival finished with music as the drummers went again into one of their special drum songs and chants.  The speakers and main coordinators,  all standing upon the stage, each were given an instrument to play to join in. The people in the audience also started to clap with the performers or stamp their feet.  And then the 1st International Hungarian Crystal Skull Festival was over.  As one observed the participants leaving, it seemed that they were taking with them a good feeling and energy as in general, they appeared to be quite excited or happy – there were smiles on their faces. Naturally many people stayed to approach the front table to take one more view of the crystal skulls, take photos or being able to touch them.  (Please continue to check
this website periodically as we are now collecting the feedback and stories of the people who attended but they must be translated into English from Hungarian first …)

On the following Monday, all the speakers remained so either they could offer more private sessions with their crystal skulls or to attend a special evening that was planned lead by Lydia.
This meeting took place at the Srezemy family home and Lydia Trauttenberg, who performed a special Mayan ceremony that was held in the back yard of the Srezemy family. It was a fitting way to end the festival, as we honored the special energies of the land in Hungary.  However, a
strange occurence happened during the earlier part of this day that was very unusual.

One of the nurses who works with István, Melinda’s husband (who is a medical doctor and surgeon) and was a volunteer for the Festival, was ushered into the session room of Blue Arrow Rainbow
and Joshua in the morning.  She was having a strange phenomena occurring to her which she didn’t understand and was a bit frightened.  Appearing upon the surface of the skin of her right arm, just above her wrist, was clearly a series of very legible handwritten letters.  Blue Arrow Rainbow and Joshua did not understand which language was being written but the letters were changing constantly like we see a message that scrolls in an electronic bulletin board.  There was
no pain for this lady but she was a bit concerned.  They tried to see if this was being done by a malevolent spirit but they could not stop the message. At least they were able to calm the lady down. 

During the evening meeting on Monday, at the Szemerey home, this same lady with the scrolling letters on her arm, was present (as this phenomena had continued the whole day)..  This time, a friend of Melinda’s (Dino, who was the English translator for most of the speakers), started to write down the letters to see if their was actually a message being given.  It was discovered to be in Hungarian and according to this man, it stated something like:

“There has been great crying in the world, but now there is more light!!”

We were not sure what this meant exactly or if it was reference to some unknown effect of our
Festival but it sure was very interesting and we guess it was saying more “Light” is coming into
our world, at the least!!  And we have been told that the writing has continued to appear on this  lady’s arm afterwards and doesn’t seem to want to stop.


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