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Friday, October 13th, 2006 (Opening Ceremonies)
Apolinario (Achi Ijatz) sharing a Mayan Prayer
(Photo taken by Rob Glogovsek)

It was very important for the Festival Organizers that we included the ceremonies from the indigenous
people as part of this event. We were very grateful that Achi Ijatz was able to attend and share with our
guests the knowledge of the Mayans from Guatemala, as the Mayans are one of the few indigenous cultures
who openingly discuss the crystal skulls and refer to them as the "Sacred Heads". Here Achi Ijatz helps us
initiate the Festival with a Mayan Prayer. Behind him, we shared photos of various crystal skulls known in
the world (above is "ET", held by Joky van Dieten which was found in Guatemala in the early 1900's).
The first night was held in the Theater which was formerly an old church. On the stage are the
instruments of our musicians as music played a big role in the Festival. Also the "Love Skulls"
brought with them a large crystal ball that changed color with the music.

Friday Night, October 13th, the Audience in the Theater
A Strange Arc of Orbs that appeared over our Guests!!
(Photo taken by Rob Glogovsek)

Rob Glogovsek, our Festival Photographer was able to capture in this photo
what appears to be an arc of what are being called Orbs. If one researchs what
an Orb is exactly, there exists only theories about what they truly represent.
Some people say they are spirits or the spirit light or people who have passed
away but are still linked to the Earth plane. In any case, orbs have been showing
up and being photographed a lot these days. So whatever these orbs are,
they sure liked the energy of the Festival as Orbs appeared in quite a
number of photographs that were taken in the theater area. Through our
Crystal Skull WorldFoundation, it is our hope in a future project to see if
the special energies which surround the crystal skulls attract the Orbs.
Orbs have been seen in places that are haunted as well as linked to UFO
sites and crop circles. So the Orbs were definitely celebrating with us this day.

Friday, October 13th, 2006 -- The Live Band
Featuring Joshua Shapiro with DesyRainbow, Neil Quarrell (a volunteer)
and the "Love Skulls" (Kathleen Murray with Clive & Davie)
(Photo taken by Rob Glogovsek)

Music is a key tool for humanity to create peace on the planet and to assist each of us to discover
our true inner self. Why if we could get a majority of people in our world to sing the same song at
the same time, world peace could happen in the next instant. It was the dream of Joshua Shapiro,
not only to create a peaceful place where the crystal skulls and the people could gather together
but also, as a writer of songs, to compose a theme song that could be performed live at the
Festival. He and DesyRainbow have a song they have sung in various forms (it was originally
written in 1981) so with a few changes to the lyrics to include the crystal skulls, the theme
song arrived. This was the first time this song has ever been performed publicly with other
musicians. Joshua also received a few months ago (during the Crystal Skull Mission Conference
held in Switzerland) a new way to end it, by signing the words "One Family". He hoped on
this day that the music and words would inspire all the people present to sing together as the
"One Family" -- and it worked magically as everyone was singing and clapping together!!

If you would like to hear an uncut version of the song (it is just Joshua on the guitar),
there are two versions you can download (an original version and a shorter one which
is very close to the actual version that was played at the Festival:

(click your mouse on the name of each mp3 file and save to your computer)

Friday, October 13th, 2006 -- The Crystal Skull Panel
(From your Left: Joshua Shapiro, moderator; Achi Itajz with Lydia; Jan Ackerman;
Sherry Whitfield-Merrell, Kathleen Murray and Sue Kitts (sorry, she is a bit cut off)
(Photo taken by Rob Glogovsek)

To Spice up the Festival, Joshua invites several of our guest presenters to join him on stage
to answer a two questions: 1) Why do they feel the crystal skulls are important for the world
and 2) What was their most special experience related to a crystal skull. There were various views
presented by the panelists which elicited responses from the audience at times. But the key was
the panel was conducted in a light and fun way. Joshua promised to be controversial but stayed out
of trouble as none of the panelists came looking for him afterwards :--) The panel ended with
questions being asked from the audience who threw a few tough ones at the so-called experts.

Friday, October 13th, 2006 -- The Speakers Table
(Tables setup so our guests could meet the Speakers and their Skulls)
(Photo taken by Rob Glogovsek)

For Friday Night, after our break, the people had a chance to meet the presenters directly
and the various crystal skulls they had brought, to help decide which lecture or workshop
they would like to go to in the following days or which skull(s) visit with for a private session.


( On our last page are photos from the activities from Saturday
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