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Saturay, October 14th, 2006
Workshop offered by Kathleen Murray
(Photo taken by Rob Glogovsek)

Kathleen Murray started the day off on Saturday with her workshop which featured
the "Light Labyrinth" program that combined sound with a light show working
in conjunction with the energy of the crystal skulls present. We can see here Kathleen
is with her good friend Gillian Ellis, who at the time of the Festival was the temporarily
guardian for the Jade Skeleton. It was a fantastic journey experienced by all.

Saturday-Sunday, October 14-15th, Exhibition Room
Bone Skull of a High Tibetan Lama with Mask
(Photo taken by Rob Glogovsek)

Not only were there quartz and other gemstone skulls present at the Festival, but
Kathleen Murray also brought the bone skull of a high Tibetan Lama who is believed
to have reincarnated. The bone skull is shown above covered by a special mask and hat.
This photo was actually taken in the "Sacred Space" room but later the Tibetan Lama
skull was moved to our exhibition room where it was on display with the Jade Skeleton
along with "Jesse", the newly carved skull by a German Master carver in
Idar Oberstein that is in the care of the Hammonds from England.

Saturday, October 14th, 2006 -- The Party with Music & Dancing
(Photos taken by Rob Glogovsek)

The musicians gathered again for our party on Saturday night, and once again the Orbs can be
seen in both photos joining us. Perhaps the Orbs like to be around and hear music as much
as we humans. Besides the members of the Festival band who played on Friday night, a few
other people joined in including our german musician Joga Dass. After a long day filled with
lectures, workshops and private sessions, it was a chance for our particpants
to relax and enjoy themselves. The music was actually quite lively!!


Sunday, October 15th, 2006 -- Sherry Whitfield-Merrell & Synergy
(Photos taken by Natalie Follardt)

The Photo to your left, shows Sherry working with a person on Sunday after the
closing session, to have one last chance to make a contact with the ancient crystal
skull "Synergy". On your right is a photo of "Synerg" being illuminated by a light box
underneath and was taken in the private session room that Sherry shared with
her good friend Arthur van Steen, a Dutch healer and crystal skull careakter.

Sunday, October 15th, 2006 -- The Closing Session
(Photo taken by Rob Glogovsek)

Here we see the participants gathering again in the Theater as we conduct
our final closing session of the Festival. There was a table in front which you can
see to your left where many of the crystal skull were placed. The closing session
featured a number of different people offering a special performance include the playing
of the Festival theme song, final thank yous and acknowledgments of various people
who helped to create the Festival. A poem was read by Thelma from England, a song
inspired by the skulls was sung by Oraya Lucia of Holland and our Russian Mystic Nina also
shared with our friends a unique vibrational song with dance movements of which we
all sang with her. Once again, Achi Ijatz did a Mayan prayer near the Jade Skeleton and
coordinator Joshua Shapiro offered some concluding remarks and thoughts as the Festival
ended on a high note as plans were discussed during the weekend, behind the
scenes for there to be a number of new crystal skull events to continue into 2007!!


( As we have more time, we hope to add more photos to this section. Various people
who were present at the Festival, have told us they will send to us their photos. We
hope these pages have offered a nice example of what it was like to be at the Festival. )

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