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Tuesday, October 10th, 2006 (Schiphol Airport)
Joshua Shapiro & DesyRainbow with Apolinario (Achi Ijatz) & Lydia Trauttenberg
(Photo taken by Peter Viskil)

Our Festival begins with the early arrival of Achi Ijatz and Lydia from Guatemala
(via England) coming to Amsterdam (Schiphol Airport) a few days early to help
us prepare the energy of the Festival site with certain Mayan ceremonies
and prayers. Also present on this day was Peter Viskil, who brought
Achi Ijatz and Lydia to the Festival site. Peter not only was a speaker
at the Festival but was one of the four key coordinators for our event.


Thursday Night, October 12th, Mayan Ceremony outside the Festival Location
For the Speakers and Volunteers, the night before, a Fire Ceremony
(Photo taken by Rob Glogovsek)

Ingrid, the owner of the Festival Conference Center & Hotel, permitted us to
conduct a Mayan Fire Ceremony lead by Achi Ijatz outside, in the back of the hotel.
Present at the ceremony were our speakers, sponsors, volunteers, coordination
team members and Ingrid and son. The goal of the ceremony was to help set a
harmonious energy for the Festival. It was conducted following the sacred traditions of
the Maya with prayers spoken by Achi Itatz also in Mayan. Here we see a special spirit of
the fire captured by our Festival photographer Rob. A pretty amazing picture. The
people standing near the fire are making their own personal prayers and offerings. Also
it was quite powerful as the "Love Skulls" (the music group connected with
Kathleen Murray from Scotland) and a local Peruvian man, all brought their
musical instruments to play music and beat drums during the ceremony. What
an experience & sight, which powerfully set the tone for the days to come!! :--)

Thursday, October 10th, 2006 -- The Sacred Space (Photo 1)
Various Skulls from the Presenters sitting together before the Festival
( to greet each other and say hello!! -- photo taken by DesyRainbow )

A Native American Elder from Canada (who we initially invited but was unable to join us)
had suggested it was very important to create a special space where the skulls could come
together and be prepared for creating a unified energy for the Festival. Prior to the arrival of the
speakers on Thursday, Achi Itajz and Lydia prepared and held the energy at the Festival site.
This was a very important step in order to offer for our quests that were coming
for the Festival , so the energies of the skulls would be in balance. Thus from late
Thursday afternoon through Friday morning, most of the visiting crystal and gemstones skulls
remained in this room together which we called the 'Sacred Space" . In this photo you can see we
had probably almost 100 different skulls together: such as the Jade Skulls from Kathleen Murray,
the White Buffalo Crystal Skull from Jan Ackerman, part of DesyRainbow's circle and various
others. At first not all the energies were balanced together as we had both new and some quite
old skulls sitting closeby but by Friday morning, these crystal friends were ready for our visitors!!

Thursday, October 10th, 2006 -- The Sacred Space (Photo 2)
Another View of the Table with the Crystal Skulls in the "Sacred Space"
(Photo taken by DesyRainbow)

In additon to the crystal and gemstone skulls, people also put other personal
objects that they considered to be sacred or had a special meaning such as
the Native American drum, clothes for the skulls to sit on a spiritual bundle .

Friday, October 11th, 2006 -- The Jade Skeleton
(via Kathleen Murray and Gillian Ellis)
(Photo taken by Rob Glogovsek)

Here is a close up of the skeleton made from Jade which Kathleen believes could
have originated in Lemuria. This skeleton along with the Jade Skulls purportedly
were discovered in Mongolia, linked to the treasures plundered by Ganghis Kahn.
The Jade Skeleton was on display in our exhibition room on Saturday and Sunday
and was brought out for our closing ceremony on Sunday. Kathleen and Gillian
use the Jade Skull with their healing work and also in combination with a gong.
What energy do you feel from the Jade Skeleton. Kathleen is working hard
to keep the Jade Skeleton in Europe -- if you can offer support please contact
her (for contact details see Kathleen Murray's speaker page ......)


( So the Stage is set for the Festival to begin, lets see what happened
on the first evening Friday, October 13th -- the grand opening and
intro evening -- please click on 2 below or Next page to continue ... )

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