Special Announcements: The Hungarian Festival of October, 2007 continued the special energies of the Dutch Festival in 2006 -- over "600 people" were in attendance. Read the full story about the Hungarian Festival here. More Crystal Skull Events are being discussed and planned for 2009, so stay tuned. See below about a mini-event in Glastonbury, England for Sept. 2008 as well as read about the Crystal Skull World Peace Meditations for 2009-2011 ...

The International Festivals unveil one of the world's most profound and remaining mysteries, the "Crystal Skulls".

The Crystal Skulls has been guarded and kept hidden for thousands of years. This Festival was organized to introduce the skulls to a wider audience. Are you truly ready to meet them...? Then read on ....

You are welcome to join and experience the crystal skulls!
(see below about the 2nd Festival in Hungary held in 2007 and discover the pre-event in Glastonbury for the U.K. Festival for 2009, held in Sept. 2008)

Our 3-day festival in the Netherlands (October 2006) brought together perhaps one of the largest collection of crystal skulls ever to occur within recorded history. Among our guests were some very special ancient skulls (jade and quartz) in combination with other more modern fashioned crystal and gemstone ones. Thanks to the special caretakers/guardians of these skulls, our participants had a chance to experience the powerful energies radiated by these crystal friends for personal transformations and awakenings. The talks and workshops given by the presenters were well received and covered a wide range of aspects related to the skulls. We were fortunate to also have our indigenous teachers attend, a Mayan High Priest from Guatemala and a mystic and shaman from Russia.

We offered to our participants, a simultaneous lecture and workshop, private sessions with the skulls present, a healing room, a movie room, an exhibition room for special skulls, several booths, several meditations for world peace and live music. Needless to say, this combination worked very well and was received enthusiastic by those who decided to join us!!

Due to the hard work, dedication and open cooperation from all the people who supported the Festival (over 20 volunteers, our sponsors including our host, 't Klooser van Rilland, the coordination team and the work of the presenters who joined us), the event was an unqualified success! Our heartful thanks to all the people who made it possible. We received many compliments from those who attended and we were asked "When is the next event?"

Related to this website (which we shall continue to host on-line for supporting future events and International Festivals), we have included a small part of what happened at the first Festival held in Holland. The best way to do so of course, is through pictures (photographs taken at the Festival) and personal stories. You will find various pages that include photographs (click here to view) to help us tell the story of the 2006 Dutch Festival and also there is another page (click here) that has comments from some of our participants.

As you can read below, we have continued to work with new friends (through our non-profit group, the World Mystery Research Center) to create more crystal skull related events and festivals for the future as Budapest became the location in 2007. We plan to continue such activities as a combination of small, what we call mini-events (one or two days) as well as a series of yearly or larger festivals similar to what was offered in Holland and Hungary in other countries in the world as well.

The International Hungarian Crystal Skull Festival (2007) -- 600+ people attended!!
The first crystal skull festival to ever be held in Hungary occured on October 13th - 14th (2007) and it was amazing how many people decided to attend. Additionally, there were several attendees who felt that there could be one or more crystal skulls hidden somewhere in Hungary. There also was a mysterious message a friend linked to the Festival received on the day following the Festival (see the festival report for more details). As a result of this Festival, the seeds for the next one were planted which resulted in a group of interested people from Belgium who will offer their own event next year.

On the menu to your right, is a link for reports about this Festival (or click here -- Hungarian Festival) where you can read about such and also see photos of what took place in Budapest.
To read our interview with Melinda Szemerey, the coordinator for the Festival in Hungary, please click here. When we asked the people at the end of the Festival on the last day, if they would
like to attend another in 2008, almost everyone raised their hand. So don't be surprised if we
announce at some time in the near future, a 2nd International Festival for Hungary.


Special Announcement
related to the Crystal Skull Festivals in 2008
(Hungary and Belgium)

It was our hope this year to organize two festivals in Europe to continue the energies of honoring the crystal skulls and their guardians as we have done in the former festivals listed within this website. Unfortunately, our friends in Hungary were unable to organize the proper resources
for a 2nd festival in Budapest and regrettably had to cancel their event. Related to the Belgium
Festival, a different situation has occurred, which we would like to clarify and explain.

We worked closely with the coordinators of the Belgium Festival since the end of last year to offer a new Festival in Belgium. However, the coordinators have decided to create a new and different type of crystal skull event that differs from the format of the International Festivals. They have been working very hard to provide the best conference they can. However, starting in May, there were some differences of opinions how to organize this event. People sometimes have to agree to disagree. We found this new approach was not fully compatible with the principles and guidelines
we had received from "Spirit", how to organize these International Festivals. Therefore, unfortunately, because we were unable to find common ground with the Belgium coordinators,
we decided to move in a different direction and thus send to the Belgium team, our best wishes.

So even though the Belgium Festival will not be a continuation of the International
Festivals, it is since a special crystal skull related event which we encourage our visitors to explore further. This event will feature quality speakers, good information and a chance to meet various crystal skulls. Every event which helps the public now about the crystal skulls is important.
You can read more about this crystal skull event by visiting the website at: http://www.crystalskullfestival.be/


Festivals for 2009
(U.S. and U.K., The Glastonbury Event in September, 2008)

We are continuing to work on producing new Crystal Skull Festivals for 2009. There are various discussions occurring with various individuals in England, Scotland and the U.S. to explore such possibilities in the next year. The best source of information and news about such future Festivals will always be reported on this website.

For the U.K. Festival, in Glastonbury on Sept. 27th (2008) will be what we call a "Taster", that will offer people a glimpse at what the UK Festival will be like in 2009. Here are some brief details:

A Crystal Skull mini-conference ("Taster")
Saturday, Sept. 27, 2008, 10am – 8pm

Contact: Sharon
email: Sharon@mystic-mouse.co.uk
Phone: +44 01634 – 270307
Location: The Assembly Rooms, High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK

This one event will feature six crystal skull speakers from the U.K. and U.S. as we celebrate together with the energy of the crystal skulls. The speakers bring a wide range of insights about these crystal friends. Also we are calling this event a "Taster" as it will officially initiate
the energies of the first International Crystal Skull Festival for the UK, planned for the fall of 2009. People who attend will get a "taste" of what the larger Festival will be about. To register click below to download the official registration form (a MS Word document)

Receive the Registration Form
(right click on above link and select Save As)


Crystal Skull World Peace Meditations

You are invited to participant in what could be
an important event for the Future of our world

Our friends the Crystal Skull Explorers, who have been an active supporter and co-creator of the International Crystal Skull Festivals, asked us to share this important announcement.

Today, August 8th (2008), they are publicly announcing the creation of a series of seven meditations for world peace that will be conducted starting on January 1st, 2009 and finishing on January 1st, 2011. The idea is to bring together as many (or all) of the crystal skull caretakers
or guardians by 2011, meditating for world peace working with the energy of the crystal skulls.

If you would like to know more about these series of meditations, they have created a webpage
that provides additional information and explains the goals for these activities. Please feel free to
visit the page shown below (just click on the link):



To continue to be kept informed of new crystal skull events and the series of International Festivals as they are announced, please feel free to periodically check back at this website or join our mailing list. As the dates and locations of these new events are confirmed, announcements will be made on this page. We are supporting events which follow the same principles and philosophies that guided us for the Dutch Festival in 2006, which is: to honor equally all crystal skulls and their caretakers who participate in such events along with all the other people who assisted in the creation of the event or even attended. We are working on new Festivals for 2009 possibly to be held in the U.S. and U.K. so stay tuned!!

If there are other people visiting this website who would like to bring a crystal skull event to their own geographic area or are planning a similar type of future event and would be interested to work together, please feel free to contact us.

So please stay tuned for future announcement or if you wish to know more about how the Festival in Holland was organized, the original pages for the site are still here. Thank you for your kind attention,

in peace and light

The Crystal Skull Events Team!!
(The Netherland, Hungary, U.K., U.S.)

(click above to find out more information about the
International Festival that was held in Holland, Oct. 2006)